Tuesday, February 26, 2008


What did you have for luch today?

I had Sushi, Doritos, and a Diet Dr. Pepper. Nice combo huh?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Kids Say

We were talking about R's work the other night when J askes:

J: Daddy work with Ismael
Me: No daddy dosen't work with Ismael anymore he works with Gene.
R: Yea, I work with Eugene
J: I Gene
R: No Euegene
J : I gene
Me: Why does he keep saying I gene?
R: beacause I'm saying U Gene
Me: ROFL oh, so say I gene
R:I gene
J: U gene
Me: Yes baby Eugene

Okay, the sadest part is that I didn't get it!


Last night we took J to a hockey game, his first. My boss gave us tickets and we figured why not. In the first five minutes we thought we had made a HUGE mistake. The horn that goes off when the home team scores seriously bothered. He's already afraid of loud noises, but the fear in his eyes clenched my heart. Then he says "me go home mommy" I tried to comfort him but his next reply was "go back in car", R says let's go and I say let me try one thing and if they score again block his ears. The drive was over and hr long and we paid $12 for parking, you gotta try to make it work. So I pull out the snacks. Next option was to get him out of the arena and into the halls. The snacks worked! He did nto stop eating the entire time except to watch the game a bit and color on his aqua-doodle. Phew we missed that one, but I think we'll wait another year till we try again. Of course when he was laying in bed he kept talking about hockey, with his last comment being "I love hockey". Well daddy will be happy to hear that.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kids Say

On Monday night I was reading to J at bedtime. We were reading "Hot Dog". It's an early reader book so small words, short story, but very cute. At the end of the story J says, very seriously:

"That was a great story"

What happened to my 2yr old? 26mo to be exact!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I have one, yes finally. Is that a little behind the times to mention? I think I might be too old mature for it.

Kids Say

I've decided to start posting some of the cute, and sometimes intelligent things that J says. I'm sure they're too numerous for a baby book, which I've been horrible about anyhow. So here is the first one from last night.

Me: Are you sleepy tonight?

J: Yes I shleepy (rubbing eyes).

Me: I can tell

J: I rub the shleepys off, they on my hands (shows me hands).

Too funny. I was amazed he said he was shleepy, I mean sleepy. He usually says no I not shleepy.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Almost TWO Years

Wow, it's almost been two years since the last time I posted. I'm half suprised it still exists. Hopefully I will have more time to blog now that R has decided to go to school. Will update later, but just wanted to say Wow.