Saturday, August 29, 2009

A camping we will go

So I really lagged at getting this post up, but better late then never, right?

On 8/16/09-8/18/09 we took Justus on his first camping trip. We had hoped to take him sooner, but it just never worked out. At the last minute we made the decision to go since R was off from school only until the 24th. Since I couldn't find anything on a weekend on such short notice, I decided to take Mon & Tues off and go during the week. We had a really good time.

On Sunday we began loading up the car, until we realized there was no way we were getting all our stuff into it, so we unloaded it and loaded up the truck. We headed out and stopped for a quick lunch before heading out the whole 20min to get to the campsite. We decided to stay close since this was J's first trip as well as the first time that we decided to take our dog. When we got to the site my first thought was "Man it's HOT". We got our spot and started unloading. Justus wanted to help put up the tent, but we all know how helpful a 3yr old can be :) . We we're hot, we we're sweaty, but it was up. I remember why we love our tent. It's big, and roomie and easy to get up. Thank goodness the directions are on the bag though or we would have been screwed. We relaxed for a bit and then took a walk. It seemed like the pool/store was pretty far so we decided to take a drive around the park to see the rest of it. Justus ended up napping in the car which was good because it was HOT and I did not think he would sleep in the tent. We made dinner, steak kabobs, potatoes, and corn. Since he kept asking, we finally let Justus roast marshmallows over the fire. He loved it. We made smores too, but he didn't seem all that interested in those. He just like the gooey mellos. It was finally time to hit the bed and all my worries about him sleeping were laid to rest. He fell asleep quickly and slept soundly all night. Only mishap today was when daddy tried to spray some OFF! on him and he looked down and it got in his eyes. Poor baby, and daddy too, he felt so bad.

On Monday we got up and had breakfast, eggs, pancakes, and sausage. I love camping food, for some reason it's just more fun. The we let J play around in the dirt for awhile while we took in the coolness of the morning. Just before I was going to think about taking a shower, wouldn't you know it, our dog got stung by a bee! So not fun. We both kind of freaked out because bees and dogs are not a good mix. When we looked at his lip we saw the stinger and Ryan was able to pull it out with his fingers. We called the vet just to ask what to look for and I headed up to take a quick shower in case we had to rush him in. While I was in the shower my phone went off and I thought "ahh man", but R just wanted me to know "so far, so good." Really? In a time like this, only text me if I have to grab my clothes and go. lol. R took his next and everything seemed to be fine. His lip was slightly swollen, but no more then you would expect from a bee sting so we headed to the pool. After a nice long time in the cool pool we went and had lunch, chicken drumsticks with cucumbers and carrots, with Ranch of course. We relaxed for a bit after lunch before heading back up to the pool again where I got the boys and ice cream from the store. After the pool we went to the "playground" which consisted of two swings, an inverted U climber and three big tires, needless to say we did not stay there long. We headed back to camp to make some dinner, Steak, corn, and potatoes. It was getting late by this time and we were cooking by lantern light. After dinner R took Justus to the bathroom and I was alone at camp. I realized it was the first time I was alone and I didn't know what to do with myself. I just enjoyed the sounds of the evening. When R got back he said we needed to get J ready for bed because while they were gone he had told R "daddy, I'm so tired." That's a first! So we got him dressed and laid him down and within a few minutes, he was out. We followed close behind. Camping wears you out. I had been checking the dog often and he was fine, thank goodness.

On Tuesday it was time to go home. We got up and made breakfast, with ham this time, and then took our showers. We started packing up pretty much right away before it got too hot. Justus actually did a really good job of helping to pack up, and didn't even get in the way. Once we were packed we drove up to the pool and went swimming before heading home. When we got home, we all crashed, we were so tired!

Oh, and the geese. J loved the geese. They were too funny. If you turned around they would start running after you, when you turned back around they would put their wings out and lower their head like they were trying to challenge you. It was a pretty funny sight. Too bad I didn't get a picture of that. :) And what is with a "catch and release" lake? Really, what's the purpose?!?

It was fun, and if it hadn't been so darn hot it would have been even nicer. We can't wait to to go in December during "winter" break.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Da Theater

A few weeks ago I found out that during the summer Edwards Cinema offers free movies for kids(and their parents). R had finally finished his summer class and I thought it would be a great way for him and J to have some daddy/son time. So on Wed 8/12 J got to stay home from preschool and go with daddy, and grandma, to his first movie at the theater. They went to see the Curious George movie.

I was told he was so excited he could hardly wait for grandma to get to the house. Once there he kept asking when the movie was going to start, and then I guess he was busting up during the movie. He had a really great time. They also ended up going to lunch and I guess he asked if they could pick me up, but they told him I was working. I'm happy he wanted to include me, sad I couldn't go with them.

It turned out to be a great time for him. I'm so glad he got to do this because I have wanted to take him to the movies, but could not see spending the money in case a) his attention span was too short or b) the theater was too loud for him, cause he tends to be sensitive like that. Neither thing happened, so bring it on Disney and Pixar.