Monday, December 05, 2005

So Tired

I'm really beginning to get worn out by all this waiting. I had a Dr appt today that was just crazy. First Rach wanted me to stop by her work because I was feeling a bit down, wondering why things were at a standstill. She was super busy working but decided to go with me to the dr. Of course I was thrilled, but at the same time worried because I know she has a ton of work to do and technically she was suppose to go out of town tomorrow and Wednesday. We get to the dr. and they hook me up to the monitor to do the NST the baby was moving a little but not much. I could tell when I was having a contraction and checked the monitor to see if I was right. That was neat to see but obviously they aren't very productive. Anyhow, after we'd been in there awhile my drs receptionist comes in and informs me that the dr. had to leave on an emergency, could I return in about 1.5hrs. I said sure and we ended up leaving. I had to take Rach back to work because I didn't want her to be gone all day. Good thing I did. When I went back to the dr. he did an internal, which I have decided he is really bad at, ouch, and the U/S to check the fluid which he said looked fine. I asked him the size and he still says about average. I now think he has no clue actually. At that point he tells me the NST didn't really come back as good as he would like, so he wants to hook me up to the monitor again. Okay....So they hook me up and I swear my little man is sound asleep, does not want to move for anything. He moved once or twice, but the dr. was not satisfied with that. So he sends me off to L&D for monitoring. Lovely. I was there for nearly 2hrs, before finally being sent home. It's just wearing me out. I'm suppose to call the dr. Tomorrow to find out the plan since they didn't keep me, but they were closed by the time I left the hospital. I know he's on call Wednesday so I assume I'll be going in tomorrow evening to get the Cervidil followed by my water being ruptured and Pitocin on Wednesday morning, so that he can be available for delivery Wed night. Hopefully that's as long as it will take. The triage nurse said it's a long process. Maybe I'll be able to sleep during the Cervidil part. I know the Doula would like for me to hold off as long as possible, but at this point I'm just getting so tired and realize the the most important outcome is a healthy baby.

Friday, December 02, 2005

No Change

That's exactly what the Dr. said when he did my exam today, which nearly made me break down in tears. He said my cervix hasn't done much, which I assume means it's still at 1cm. He then did an U/S and said the fluid still looks fine. Then he hooked me up to the fetal monitors for about 30 minutes to check on the boy. He said that his heartbeat was rising like it should when he moves and even saw some contractions on the printout but said if I'm not feeling them they must not be doing much. I guess the reason I'm still not dilating is because this little man is stubborn and is still just above my pelvis. I have an appointment on Monday and I guess we'll be talking about intervening at that time because he doesn't want me to go past two weeks. He wants to start with Cervidil and see how that goes. I won't let him do any type of of intervention until Thursday because Rach will be out of town until then. So still we wait.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Still Here

Still no baby!

I told him that if he was waiting for the new birthstone, he can come now. At least I have a Dr. appt tomorrow to see if anything has changed. *sigh*

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I have horrible horrible intuition! Nothing happened yesterday, nothings happening today. Why do they even give you due dates? It has to be to make you crazy! Actually maybe it's to make your family crazy so they bug you everyday. It really wouldn't be so bad if everyone else didn't keep asking.
We have to go down to San Diego tonight so I know nothing will happen tonight. No, it will happen when we're suppose to drive 2hrs away for some holiday party for Rachel's work on the 7th (which of course is my lucky #). Her boss tells her "if you don't go I'll be mad". I swear she's like 12 and her bestfriend said she wouldn't go to the dance. Goodness. Anyhow I'll stop bitching for now. Maybe I'll ask them about inducing this weekend at my Friday appt. I guess I'll shoot an email off to our Doula to see what she has to say and to hopefully reassure me. I just start worrying that something's wrong, and it's only been 3 days. I can only imagine 3 weeks ;)

Monday, November 28, 2005

Is it today???

I'm 3 days past my EDD. I think the operative word in that sentence is ESTIMATED. I've never had good "women's intuition", but for some reason I think that today will be the day I go into labor. I keep feeling I'll start active labor sometime after 7pm tonight and give birth sometime tomorrow morning. I guess we'll have to wait and see if my "mother's intuition" is kicking in. I know there are lots of people waiting to hear that this little one is born. I'll try to post as soon as anything changes!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

1 cm

I know it's not much but I went to the Dr. today and I'm 1cm dilated. Yippie!!!

I know I could be 1cm forever, but it gives me hope that if I do have to be induced at some point that it will go well. My weight was the same so that's good too. My next appt is a week from Friday and if I haven't gone into labor before then they will hook me up to the monitors to check on the baby and the fluid. The Dr. said he was happy with what he saw so that's great news to me.

I guess I really should get our bags packed just in case.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Okay, I'm scared

I have to admit that I am really scared to become a parent. Sure I worry about the pain of labor, but that's nothing compared to the change my life will experience once the baby is here to be cared for, and I'm really scared. Don't get me wrong, I know I can do it, that's not the issue. I've cared for kids of different ages and loved it. I was even getting a degree in Child Development so I know I can do it, but I also know that it's much different to care for children then to have your own 24/7.
What am I afraid of? Lots of things. I'm afraid I won't bond well with my son or that I'll be a bad mother. I'm afraid that we won't have enoughto give to him, time, energy, money. I know kids don't need a lot of material things but I do want to be able to provide for him. I'm just really scared about how this new little life is going to drastically change our life.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Good to be off

Being home this week and after how my boss treated me I've come to the conclusion that I should have taken off more time before the baby came. Oh well, hind site is 20/20. I love not working, so far at least. I actually get a chance to relax and clean my house. Which I should get going on again today. Maybe we really will move to a place where the cost of living is less and I can stay home, and where my biggest stress is which park to take the lil butterball to this time.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

No go

Well I finally talked to my boss. He never said a word about it so I had to approach him before he left for the day on Friday, my last day. I tried to keep it light hearted.

Me- I have a feeling your trying to avoid me regarding the proposal I gave you.
Boss-No, I'm not trying to avoid you, we can discuss it.
M-Well we don't really have to talk about it, I pretty much figured out your feelings by what you said a couple of weeks ago.
B- Yeah I thought that said it all.
M-Well is there any room for discussion about any type of alternative schedule?
B-The only alternative would be a 4 day week...Where you work 10hrs/day.
M-Well I don't think that would help me any because I would still need to get FT childcare, so I'll keep it M-F.
B-I did look it over, and asked some other people in the office and it just won't work with the structure of things.
M-Oh. Well there are a couple of things I wanted to let you know. When I'm here I'll give 100%, but right now I already take some work home to do and I won't do that anymore. My time at home is for my family now. This might mean things don't get done here as quickly as possible so that's something we'll have to work out. Also, I plan to breastfeed and as stated in our handbook I'm going to have to have a place where I can pump 3 times a day.
B-How long will that take and when will you need to do this?
M- Well I'll need to use someone's office and I'd do it during my regular breaks. Once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once during my lunch.
B-And then you'll take it to him?
M-No, I'll put it in the fridge here to use for the following day while he's at day care.
B-Oh, well I'm sure we can work something out, even if you have to rotate offices. Hey maybe we'll add on a second story with offices and a day care. (dry laugh)
M-Sounds good to me.
B-Okay, well I'm going to be leaving in a couple of minutes so make sure you keep in touch.
M-I will.


So now I'm going to spend time before birth trying to find childcare where I feel confident leaving a 3 month old. During this time I'm also going to see how well we do with my pay cut. I might extend my leave and take FMLA, which I think I can take up to another 6 or 12 weeks unpaid.

I asked the two people I assumed he "talked" to about it and the one girl, HR, said yes he asked her about it but it was pretty much to find out what he had to do to comply with FMLA. She basically asked him what the big deal was. I guess he wasn't too happy about that response. Then I asked the other person, who I had talked to this about before and he said yes he had talked to him about it and he didn't seem too interested. He went on to tell me that when he had his first he had to make the same decisions and he and his wife decided to cut back as much as possible so she could stay home.

Honestly I just think this is so lame. When I start back on I want to keep a log of how often I meet with him and how often I'm doing things that couldn't be done at home. There are basically two reasons he doesn't want me to do this. One of my many titles is I'm his assistant (not personal) and he wants me available for him when ever he wants. Everyone in the office already agrees that he needs someone who is specifically his personal assistant. This would be wonderful since I hate making his personal dinner reservations, birthday limo reservations, ordering flowers for him mom or wife, ordering special wines, calling about his home property taxes, etc. Just maddening. The second reason is he wants me to do customer service, which I hate. It is so not my personality and I have told him this on more then one occasion, but he doesn't care. It's quite rude actually. Dealing with customers gets me all stressed out and I really don't know how to handle them. I'm non combinational so I usually try to get someone else to take care of them. That's just the customers that call or email us. There is a whole other group of people that we actually pay someone to call and ask how there experience was. I HATE solicitors so if it was me on the other end of the line I would already be ticked off by the fact that they are calling, most likely at dinner time. Even if I really didn't have a problem with the company I would list anything I disliked, and that's exactly what happens. It just such a bad concept.

Anyhow, I'm rambling now. I would quit my job in a heartbeat if I could, but the pay is okay and I don't think I could find something better. I will be looking though.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Final Countdown (sung of course)

Well there are only two days left until my leave begins and other then “maybe I should wait on my first impression”, my boss has not said one word about my proposal. I think he’s basically just avoiding me at this point figuring that if I don’t talk to him about it, it means everything will be the same upon my return. Little did I know that he was going to be out of town until tomorrow afternoon which makes this avoidance tactic very easy for him. I’m in the process of writing him an email letting him know that I had hoped to talk to him about this, and to find out if there is any room for discussion of an alternative schedule or if my only option is FT M-F.

Even if this is the only option I need to let him know that I still want to cut down my hrs to 9-4 so that I can have time to drop off and pick up my son from the people who will now be raising him, whoever that may come to be. No, I’m not bitter :( I also need to let him know that I will no longer work OT at the office or bring work home, as my family will now come first. As well as the fact that if I am going to be working at the office FT that I need a place to “lactate” as allowed by CA law and included in our handbook. So three times a day he has to offer a private space where I can pump, and it can’t be a bathroom. I actually hope this will help in my plea for an alternative schedule. Don’t men usually get all freaked out by this woman bodily function stuff?

At this point I am also “training” a temp. I feel like I’m a horrible teacher, but she seems to be picking up things really well, so maybe I’m not so bad after all. I guess she was just really quite the first day and seemed bored, which I can understand. The only issue I foresee at this point is the fact that she told us she got let go at her last job because she is too detail oriented, which to me says that she might have a hard time meeting deadlines. I can already see the detail oriented issue in the way she is doing things. My boss has very strict deadlines and he does not accept excuses, so I need to try and explain a few tricks to her, which I can only hope she will take to heart.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Is it black?

You don't even know how many times I've heard this comment. It started out with my Grandmother who asked if we knew the donor and then "is he black"? What would compel someone to ask a question like this. Granted I have no problem with African American donors and I think biracial children are adorable, but when you have two white, blue eyed parents what would make someone think they would choose an African American donor? If that had been the only comment it would have been funny, we made a joke of it, but we have heard this a half dozen times. When we went to our 3D ultrasound the pics were so dark and some had shadows that it was brought up again. Then at our first shower it was asked again by one of my friends. It's like, are you kidding me, why do you keep asking this stuff. And no incident is related, which makes it even worse. I think we are destined to have a biracial child even though the profile says and always has said Caucasian. So this morning we are joking again and Rach says well if it comes out black you'll have some explaining to do. I just look at her like "me why me, it would be the bank, I surly didn't mess around". She's so foolish!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

We have Doula

Well actually we have A Doula. Yes we finally made a decision. I know that was forever and a day ago but we've been sooo busy. Seriously, with showers the last two Saturdays and Birthdays the last two Sundays and Rachel's family in town from New Hampshire and trying to put baby stuff away and work...We've had NO time. Plus I think I'm procrastinating thinking that this is the last big decision we had to make and if I never made it the baby would have to wait. Granted I know this isn't true, but my mind works in mysterious ways.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

When you havin that baby?

That was the question I got this afternoon. So I started thinking. When I first got pregnant we watched and waited. It seems like we waited and waited, for anything to happen because I sure didn't look pregnant and lucky me I really didn't feel pregnant either. It seemed like things were moving sooooo slowly. And now here we are at nearly 36 weeks and I feel like this has been the fastest 8 months of my life. Where did the time go?!? I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

The Second Shower

There were a lot of people there, some I had never even met before that are residents at the complex where Rach works. Including kids I would have to say there were about 35 people. It was fun having the kids there but the entire event wore me out! I was a bit confused because my friend, who says I'm her "best" friend didn't even show up.
Of course we got lots of stuff, but mostly not off the registry. Now we have to go buy all the stuff we didn't get that we still need. We got a ton of clothes, which we already have a ton of. I say we take some things back, Rach says keep them incase we need them. I just think we have way to many and would never be able to use them all. I think people go a bit crazy and all buy the 0-3 month clothing. Hopefully we can compromise. We also got a ton of bath stuff which I know we can use forever so that's fine and a ton of diapers, from P to size 3.
I'm just thinking about all the stuff we didn't get, and what are must haves that we need to go buy on our own. Perhaps crib sheets, mattress pads, pack-n-play sheets, changing table pad, stroller, car seat, etc etc. I guess we'll go do that in the next couple of weeks after we get the mess out of the living room and see what we have.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Sooo Irritating

If there's one person who can make my blood boil it's my boss. He is just so...arg! Such a micromanager even after he says he doesn't want to be.

So I gave him my proposal, not a demand letter, a proposal. I told him that we didn't need to discuss it right then, that I wanted him to look it over and get back to me with any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. For 3 days I heard nothing, then today when we're in our, as I like to call it "waste of time" meeting, he says "Well I looked this over, did you want my first impression?" Pause... "well maybe I should hold onto my first impression and look it over again later". I just shrugged and said okay. What can I do, he'll end up telling me what he wants and that's it. I've already decided that if I'm told to work FT at work then I'll suck it up and work FT, however I will not work OT and if that means not getting my work done as quickly then that's what it means. I'm not giving up my family life to try and please him. He should've just kept his mouth shut until he decided what he wanted to say. I'm not sure what that will be, but my next request will be to work PT at the office and PT at home. If that doesn't fly then I guess I'm putting a 3mo old in day care and working FT.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Our First Shower

Well our first shower was really nice. It was fairly small with really only my side of the family (& one friend) there. About 15 people so we got to talk with everyone a little. We played a few games including baby food taste test and poopy diaper. Both yucky, but too funny! After the tasting game we have decided to try and feed baby from our plates rather then a jar. Yea me and the kitchen-aid attachment. :) We got some great gifts including a swing and a pack n play, which was very important because it's also our bassinet. We got a couple of gift certificates and clothes. There were some super cute things too including a baby book, some of the clothes, and the cutest robe and matching slippers for after bath. I'll have to post a picture once we get a chance to use it. We also got a "diaper cake". It was really cute, however can I warn everyone against them. I don't want to be mean, we loved it I promise, but man was it annoying to unravel all those diapers. Also there was something attached and we can't figure out what it is. I'll have to ask my friend to go back and ask the person who made it. We have pretty much ruled out glue sticks, although they are by Elmer's and glue stick shape. We have decided they are either crayons or bath paints. We're leaning towards messy crayons.

Work Schedules

Well I finally did it yesterday. I gave my boss a proposal for an alternative work schedule. Rather then putting him on the spot and discussing it right away, I told him to take time to look it over, think about it and come up with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions. I was so nervous when I walked out of his office I felt like I was going to be sick. Which makes me realize that it's not the pain that I'll have to control in delivery, but more so my nerves.
Basically my plan stated that I want to reduce my hours from 40+ to 32 hours/wk, focus mainly on A/P (right now my duties are all over the map), and come to the office for about 8 hrs a week with the remainder of my time telecommuting,it did say work at home but then I thought he would prefer the telecommute business language. I tried to explain that I think I can get my work done more quickly at home and that I will be available by phone or email when needed. I also said we would reevaluate it after 8 weeks to see how it's working. I have a feeling he's going to either be against it entirely (he's pretty hard to please), or he'll let me work at home, but want me in the office more then I originally intended. I've found it's just so hard to find P/T infant care.

Monday, October 17, 2005

It will have to wait

I've decided I'm not ready for the baby yet. He must stay in there until I am.

We need to go shopping and get everything else we need. My house is cluttered, which I must work on before he comes. I also need to scrub the floors and do a good thouorgh cleaning. I was so excited about leaving work and now I'm starting to freak out. The longest I've been off since I started in the work force was two weeks, and I've been with this particular job for almost 3 years and although I have used some vacation time here and there I have never taken a sick day. I'm freaking out because...what if I hate being at home? What if I love being at home and know I must return to this place? What if the temp does a horrible, or even worse, a much better job then I do? What if I leave loose ends when I leave and can't relax because of it? What if I should have taken off less time? Oh the dilemma!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


So how do you choose the right Doula? I have no idea!

We interviewed 4 and have narrowed it down to 2. I'm determined to make this decision by tomorrow. They both cost the same, have been to about the same # of births and both seem like really great people, just very different from one another. One is very talkative(2.5hr interview), but swears she can be quite when needed. She seems like she'd be a good advocate for us and make sure we know all the facts if I ask for drugs. She was very comfortable with us and gave us hugs when she left. She's kind of a grandmother type and emailed to say thank you for meeting with her. The other is more soft spoken (30min interview), but still very knowledgable. She's about 30 mins closer to our home and seems very organized with lot's of relaxation tools.

Of the ones we didn't pick one was just offense, "granola/mother earth" for us. I guess I felt like she was mostly against drugs. Heck I don't know how I'm gonna react when I get in there. The other has only been certified a short time and still works as an RN. During our visit she told us three negative birth stories. I'm really looking for positive energy here. One of her comments was "if you wan't natural, stay at home as long as possible because once you get to the hospital and get in bed I've never seen a woman get out". Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Well I guess I will let you know when we make a decision.

What we need

Ok, so Estelle had this on her blog and obviously I had too much time on my hands this morning.

Google your name and "needs"

Here's what we need:

Tanya needs:

  • to think about why she did what she did at the party
  • to go shopping for a new pair of eyeglasses, and you offer to go with her.
  • to decide what she wants and stick to it
  • to get her ass across to the uk and rock the house
  • most is a love

Rachel needs:
  • your prayers!!!!!!!"
  • help when she enters Manhattan's meat-packing district to helpthree transvestite hookers find out who murdered one of their friends
  • to have blush that is very bright and colorful
  • guidance and normal supervision
  • to stop being so loud

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Misplaced Waist

Well I seem to have misplaced my waist. Hopefully it's not really lost and just misplaced for a few months. Sure my belly has been a growin, but I've always seemed to have some curve to my waist. Well, when I looked in the mirror today it seemed to be gone. Oh lordy, what's a girl to do?

Mommy Hands?!?

Okay, so Rach likes to see the changes in my pregnant body. Why, I have no idea, but the other night she looked at me and said that I'm getting, and she loves my "mommy hands". Mommy hands? What are mommy hands and how in the world do they differ from regular female hands? Granted, when I first got pregnant she said my hands got much softer, which I noticed too, but an actual change in the look of my hands? Hummm...Mommy hands.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Our 3D Ultrasound Pics

My Bosses Reaction

Well a couple weeks ago I sat down with my boss and told him how much time I'll be taking off. I made sure to write it all down in black and white so he could specificly see how it was broken down. He didn't ask many questions and basically just said "it is what it is". Well he's right. It is what it is and I'll take all the time I'm alloted. My last day will be Nov 4th and I will return on March 3rd. It seems like a long time, but I know it will be way too short. Heck, he will only be 3 months when I return. I can take up to a yr of unpaid family leave, but we will have to see what our savings acct looks like after 3 months of disability pay.

I guess he liked the format just fine because he asked me to give a copy to our accountant, who is about 6 weeks behind me, so she could use the same format. We should be getting a temp in here for me sometime in the next two weeks and then I get to train them. I'm a horrible teacher, but like I always say...a monkey could do my job.

My next huge task is sitting down with the boss again to discuss my return to work plan. I'm not sure this is going to go over well but we shall see. I REALLY want to work from home and I know it can be done, but he is such a micro-manager I don't know if he'll be able to see the benefits. I have to make them perfectly clear. Fingers crossed!

Monday, October 10, 2005

It's been quite awhile

Well we are at 33 weeks now, which really is crazy. I'm sure something important must have happened between weeks 20 and 33, but time just seems to fly. Lets see, we of course had a couple of appointments which have been uneventful. I passed the glucose screen, which was nice, got my RhGam shot, and started taking a childbirth class. We seem to be learing a lot, which is great. The Dr. said to keep doing what I'm doing so that's wonderful. We had a 3D ultrasound and our little guy sure is a mover. I guess he moves a lot more then I feel because of the placement of the placenta. Recently we interviewed Doulas and just have to decide who to go with. It's down to 2 of 4. Like I said pretty uneventful, we'll see what happens over the next few weeks.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Our 20wk Appt

Well of course we had been waiting in anticipation for our 20week appointment, where we would learn the gender of our lil Butterball. Everyone else has been waiting too. Let's see. Everyone knows Rachel REALLY wants a boy, and Grandma Lina wants a girl, I honestly didn't care wither way, but I know Rach would be crushed if she didn't get a boy. Not that she wouldn't fall in love with a girl as soon as or even before it was born, because she ultimately wants at least one of each.

Well we go to the appt and the Dr. is showing us everything and doing the measurements. We brought a tape in so he was able to tape it as well. Well he shows up the head, and a thigh bone, and the abdomen. The baby measured a little smaller then 20weeks, but the Dr. said it's nothing to worry about. He finally gets down to the legs and says it's...a...Boy! I tried to reach for Rachel's hand because I know she must be excited.

I asked her later if she was and she said "I was so excited I wanted to scream" instead she just smiled. Our friend Matt says she's a real stud because she can do home insem and still get a boy. lol.

Now we're able to get more clothes and finish setting up the nursery.

Funny things

So a few funny things that have happend during this journey...

Let's see. When we told my Grandma Roundy she was a bit taken back and actually asked if the donor was black?!? HUH. Why in the world...

Ok so hormones are raging...There was a Tsunami warning in San Diego. I freaked, absolutely lost it. I was crying and crying and tired to get a hold of Rach because she was out of town. When I couldn't I called my dad who told me I would be alright, that I was far enough away from the coast and to try to relax. That helped but I was still pissed that I couldn't get a hold of Rach. Ok, so it's funny now.

Oh and Rachel let me try to cut her hair. That was a mistake. I kept telling her no but she kept insisting. I finally gave in. Well on one side I pretty much shaved it off, which sent me into another fit of sadness. I had ruined her hair. She tired to fix it, but there was no fixing that. It was a hat for the next few weeks for her.

Our First few Appointments

A few days after the home HPT I went to my GP and they confirmed the pregnancy. I couldn't get in to see the Ob, Dr. Langley, until I was at least 8 weeks pregnant. When we finally did get to go in we had our first Ultrasound(u/s) and saw the little arm & leg buds, spine, head, and yolk sack. At our 12week visit we had another u/s and got to see the little beating heart, so Amazing!

At our next visit at 16weeks we were finally going to get to hear the heatbeat. The Dr. tried and tried to find the heartbeat and I started to worry. I made a joke saying it was a sneaky lil bugger. After trying even longer the Dr. finally said he wanted to do another u/s, but he was sure everything was fine. I don't think I belive him. Rachel said my face lost all color, I was scared. When we got into the u/s room the Dr. was able to see the baby right away and there was the little beating heart. He put the doppler in a different place and sure enough we were finally able to hear ther heart beat. He said he'd jut been looking too low and the baby was higher then he expected. Phew, what a relief.

Telling Everyone

Well after we got the positive HPT we immedietly called Grandma Lina and invited her to breakfast. We had woken her up but she agreed. She came to the house and we didn't say much, but handed her the stick. She kind of just looked at it for a bit and then turned to us and said "she is, you are?" and jumped up and hugged me. She was so excited. That same day Rachel proceded to call everyone of her family and friends, even back east in New Hampshire to tell them. The next day she insisted that we go down to San Diego to tell my family, so one by one we did. Everyone took it well and seemed excited for us. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

A little Conception History

Well since I'm starting this a little late I figure I should post a little history about our family. I'm Tanya (31) and my spouse of 7yrs is Rach (37). We had been trying to conceive for about 10 months before I finally became pregnant with our lil Butterball EDD 11/25/05. It was our 7th attempt doing at home insems and I just knew I wasn't pregnant this time around either. I had my normal PMS cramps and knew AF would be along any minute. I promised Rach that if I didn't see AF by the morning of cd15 I would test. I told everyone I was doing the test for grins and giggles because I just knew I wasn't pg. The morning of March 20, 2005 I tested using the First Response HPT and to my shock and amazment that second line came up. I'd heard that there had been people in the past that had gotten false positives with this brand so I immedietly ran to the store at 6:50 to get another. I had to wait until they opened at 7 before I could head back home. I took the second test and sure enough it came back positive too. I showed it to Rach and my eyes got huge. We were so taken back and estatic. After 10months of trying and over a yr of planning we were finally pregnant!