Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Final Countdown (sung of course)

Well there are only two days left until my leave begins and other then “maybe I should wait on my first impression”, my boss has not said one word about my proposal. I think he’s basically just avoiding me at this point figuring that if I don’t talk to him about it, it means everything will be the same upon my return. Little did I know that he was going to be out of town until tomorrow afternoon which makes this avoidance tactic very easy for him. I’m in the process of writing him an email letting him know that I had hoped to talk to him about this, and to find out if there is any room for discussion of an alternative schedule or if my only option is FT M-F.

Even if this is the only option I need to let him know that I still want to cut down my hrs to 9-4 so that I can have time to drop off and pick up my son from the people who will now be raising him, whoever that may come to be. No, I’m not bitter :( I also need to let him know that I will no longer work OT at the office or bring work home, as my family will now come first. As well as the fact that if I am going to be working at the office FT that I need a place to “lactate” as allowed by CA law and included in our handbook. So three times a day he has to offer a private space where I can pump, and it can’t be a bathroom. I actually hope this will help in my plea for an alternative schedule. Don’t men usually get all freaked out by this woman bodily function stuff?

At this point I am also “training” a temp. I feel like I’m a horrible teacher, but she seems to be picking up things really well, so maybe I’m not so bad after all. I guess she was just really quite the first day and seemed bored, which I can understand. The only issue I foresee at this point is the fact that she told us she got let go at her last job because she is too detail oriented, which to me says that she might have a hard time meeting deadlines. I can already see the detail oriented issue in the way she is doing things. My boss has very strict deadlines and he does not accept excuses, so I need to try and explain a few tricks to her, which I can only hope she will take to heart.