Monday, September 13, 2010

THE Test

My husband is taking THE test today. I am so nervous for him. It's the TEAS, the entrance exam for the nursing program. Wow, I can't believe he's come so far. Now most would think that THE test would be the NCLEX, but you can take that as many times as you want. The TEAS, you can take twice and your score can make you or break you with getting into the program. Don't pass in 2 attempts, and at least for his school, it's over. So yeah, I'm a bit on edge today.

Stressing about this has totally made me forget about my morning struggle with J and his well voiced hatred of school.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Justus started a new school on Monday and the little guy is taking it hard, actually we both are. I'm sure my anxiety is not making it any easier on him, but he does not do well with change. The sad part is that from this point forward he will have to deal with change every year as he moves through the grades.

I see positives and negatives to this new school, but I will have to give it a few more weeks before I can make my final conclusion, because right now all I really want to do is wrap him in my arms and take him back over to the loving home preschool he was in before.

He needs this change...right?

Friday, July 30, 2010


Today is a dance party at school. J wore a button down shirt, black pants and...sparkly tights. This from the boy that exclaimed "mommy a peach shirt and blue pants (jeans) don't match."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Purse

Since my hubby keeps asking if I'm putting these on the blog, I guess I better. Even though he never reads it :)

Where does this child get it from, his sarcasm? Oh that's right, me...
I lost my wallet, it's gone. I realized it when J was with me, so he got to hear all about it(I was nice). A few days later I bought a small cross body purse to use so it won't happen again. The other day we were at a store and he took said purse and put it on saying "I'm mommy, I'm mommy" and then started looking in the purse and without missing a beat said "where is my wallet, oh that's right, I lost my wallet" The cashier started laughing and I had to admit that I really did lose my wallet. Little brat.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby

It was a busy weekend.

Saturday was Ryan's birthday. He said he had wanted to do "something", but had no idea what that something was. He made suggestions (Zoo, Seaworld) and then we decided they were too expensive. blah. So we decided on mini golf. It was a first for J, and had been a long time since R and I have played and it worked out really well. J isn't the next Tiger, but he had fun none the less and he was well behaved. The outdoors does that too him. He even waited patiently for his turn. After we played both courses we went inside for some video games and a pretzel. J got lucky twice on one game and got 25 and 75 tickets, so he could actually get a little something from the prize area, so he was excited. All in all it was a good time had of about 3hrs for about $25, can't much beat that. R requested pizza for dinner, so we had that and I had made a dirt cake. He said all he wanted for a gift was Oreo's so I figured that would be a fun dessert :) I also got him a pack of double stuffs. Yea, we're livin large.

Sunday was In-Law day. We had R's family over for dinner and cake. I made some baked Ziti and we also had salad and bread. Nothing fancy, but it went over well. And of course his chocolate cake. We weren't going to do the cake because he had been on Atkins, but has since stopped that so I made him a single layer instead of the huge one he usually gets. The cake has become an issue. He thinks his family only wants to celebrate his birthday because of this cake. I thinking it's just "icing on the cake" so to speak. haha.

Sunday night I also had to make cupcakes for my boss' birthday yesterday. He also got the other layer of the chocolate cake. Heck there were 20 people that came to the office for lunch, so I had to do something.

So basically a busy but fun weekend. Now I just want to sleep, but as I mentioned, taxes are due in 2 days. BLAH!!!

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Philiosophical Quotes

J- You can't taste your taste buds.

Yes that's all I've got right now. Did you know taxes are due in 2 days?!?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


J has a very bad habit of picking his nose and also eating it, gross! This morning we were driving to school and he had a Bagel to eat, but instead he was eating his boogers. So I asked him "do they taste yummy" and he said yes. I asked what they taste like and he said "chicken" and then a few seconds later "or maybe cow" yuck, yuck, yuck. Then we went on to discuss that boogers do not taste as good as ice cream, but better then celery.

He had told me a couple weeks back that he was going to stop eating them because he found out what they are made of. That didn't last long.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

2 months?

Okay, it's really sad that I have so much to say, but that it has been two months since I have posted on this blog. Wow, so much has happened in two months. Oh well, might have to do a recap later.