Friday, August 05, 2005

Our 20wk Appt

Well of course we had been waiting in anticipation for our 20week appointment, where we would learn the gender of our lil Butterball. Everyone else has been waiting too. Let's see. Everyone knows Rachel REALLY wants a boy, and Grandma Lina wants a girl, I honestly didn't care wither way, but I know Rach would be crushed if she didn't get a boy. Not that she wouldn't fall in love with a girl as soon as or even before it was born, because she ultimately wants at least one of each.

Well we go to the appt and the Dr. is showing us everything and doing the measurements. We brought a tape in so he was able to tape it as well. Well he shows up the head, and a thigh bone, and the abdomen. The baby measured a little smaller then 20weeks, but the Dr. said it's nothing to worry about. He finally gets down to the legs and says it's...a...Boy! I tried to reach for Rachel's hand because I know she must be excited.

I asked her later if she was and she said "I was so excited I wanted to scream" instead she just smiled. Our friend Matt says she's a real stud because she can do home insem and still get a boy. lol.

Now we're able to get more clothes and finish setting up the nursery.

Funny things

So a few funny things that have happend during this journey...

Let's see. When we told my Grandma Roundy she was a bit taken back and actually asked if the donor was black?!? HUH. Why in the world...

Ok so hormones are raging...There was a Tsunami warning in San Diego. I freaked, absolutely lost it. I was crying and crying and tired to get a hold of Rach because she was out of town. When I couldn't I called my dad who told me I would be alright, that I was far enough away from the coast and to try to relax. That helped but I was still pissed that I couldn't get a hold of Rach. Ok, so it's funny now.

Oh and Rachel let me try to cut her hair. That was a mistake. I kept telling her no but she kept insisting. I finally gave in. Well on one side I pretty much shaved it off, which sent me into another fit of sadness. I had ruined her hair. She tired to fix it, but there was no fixing that. It was a hat for the next few weeks for her.

Our First few Appointments

A few days after the home HPT I went to my GP and they confirmed the pregnancy. I couldn't get in to see the Ob, Dr. Langley, until I was at least 8 weeks pregnant. When we finally did get to go in we had our first Ultrasound(u/s) and saw the little arm & leg buds, spine, head, and yolk sack. At our 12week visit we had another u/s and got to see the little beating heart, so Amazing!

At our next visit at 16weeks we were finally going to get to hear the heatbeat. The Dr. tried and tried to find the heartbeat and I started to worry. I made a joke saying it was a sneaky lil bugger. After trying even longer the Dr. finally said he wanted to do another u/s, but he was sure everything was fine. I don't think I belive him. Rachel said my face lost all color, I was scared. When we got into the u/s room the Dr. was able to see the baby right away and there was the little beating heart. He put the doppler in a different place and sure enough we were finally able to hear ther heart beat. He said he'd jut been looking too low and the baby was higher then he expected. Phew, what a relief.

Telling Everyone

Well after we got the positive HPT we immedietly called Grandma Lina and invited her to breakfast. We had woken her up but she agreed. She came to the house and we didn't say much, but handed her the stick. She kind of just looked at it for a bit and then turned to us and said "she is, you are?" and jumped up and hugged me. She was so excited. That same day Rachel proceded to call everyone of her family and friends, even back east in New Hampshire to tell them. The next day she insisted that we go down to San Diego to tell my family, so one by one we did. Everyone took it well and seemed excited for us. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

A little Conception History

Well since I'm starting this a little late I figure I should post a little history about our family. I'm Tanya (31) and my spouse of 7yrs is Rach (37). We had been trying to conceive for about 10 months before I finally became pregnant with our lil Butterball EDD 11/25/05. It was our 7th attempt doing at home insems and I just knew I wasn't pregnant this time around either. I had my normal PMS cramps and knew AF would be along any minute. I promised Rach that if I didn't see AF by the morning of cd15 I would test. I told everyone I was doing the test for grins and giggles because I just knew I wasn't pg. The morning of March 20, 2005 I tested using the First Response HPT and to my shock and amazment that second line came up. I'd heard that there had been people in the past that had gotten false positives with this brand so I immedietly ran to the store at 6:50 to get another. I had to wait until they opened at 7 before I could head back home. I took the second test and sure enough it came back positive too. I showed it to Rach and my eyes got huge. We were so taken back and estatic. After 10months of trying and over a yr of planning we were finally pregnant!