Monday, October 19, 2009

For me?!?

I got a blog award...really. I know this seems nearly impossible since no one reads this blog, but I did. Granted it's my own fault that no one reads it. Maybe if I posted a bit more and told more people about it I might have a reader or two, but I have at least one. I'm excited.:) Oh and for the record, one of my closest friends, who considers me her bff and who does know about the blog, does not read it. So what does that say about me?

It was Viv at A Proud Mom To Many who bestowed this award on me. Awww, thanks Viv. I think the easy part will be answering the questions, but do I even know of 6 bloggers I want to give this to? Heck two of them already recieved it, and I can't regift. This is not helped by the fact that another favorite blogger has decided to stop blogging and yet another has dissappeared. Not to mention that on most blogs I read but never comment. Well, without further ado...the award. :)

So my favorite bloggers (even if they don't read me) would have to be:
1. Kristen at UpDown...But her blog is private
2. Casey at Dancing On The Edge
3. KP at Ventalicious
4. Margret at Margret and Helen

So now it's your turn. The rules are simple, answer the following 35 questions in one word and name six (yeah yeah, I could only think of 4) of your favorite bloggers! Have fun.

1. Where is your cell phone? Desk
2. Your hair? Curly
3. Your mother? Strong
4. Your father? Pushover
5. Your favorite food? Junk
6. Your dream last night? Forgotten
7. Your favorite drink? Coke
8. Your dream/goal? Calmness
9. What room are you in? Office
10. Your hobby? Baking
11. Your fear? Fire
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Colorado
13. Where were you last night? Park
14. Something that you aren't? Confident
15. Muffins? Chocolate
16. Wish list item? Camera
17. Where did you grow up? SoCal
18. Last thing you did? This
19. What are you wearing? Shorts
20. Your TV? Home
21. Your pets? Dog
22. Friends? Far
23. Your life? Boring
24. Your mood? Decent
25. Missing someone? Always
26. Vehicle? Sonata
27. Something you’re not wearing? Makeup
28. Your favorite store? Target
29. Your favorite color? Blue
30. When was the last time you laughed? Saturday
31. Last time you cried? 9/11
32. Your best friend? Kristen?
33. One place that I go to over and over? Crazy
34. One person who emails me regularly? Kristen
35. Favorite place to eat? Anywhere

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog Addresses

I just read a post over at mymommyneedsatimeout about her 3yr old not sleeping. Is it in the water, is there a full moon, becuase man my little guy is being crazy at night. She has 6, I have 1, so I can't even begin to understand her pain, I mean where she's coming from. But child, please sleep and please STOP calling me. I hate to make you cry, I do, but sometimes I'm at my wits end.

Oh and on a somewhat similar topic...My blog adress. I chose my blog adress when I was newly pregnant, due with the "lil butterball" the day after Thanksgiving. I should have known it was a bad choice when he rufused to be born, seriously, refused. They had to go in and get him. So now I'm more in the thick of being "mom" and I realize that the cutsie blog name is not as fitting as I had hoped, nor will it describe any other child I have. I do have another blog, a dark, sinister blog (aka vent party) that is kind of a private journal where I rarely post, but it has a much more fitting title "I HATE BEDTIME". I've had it for awhile, and it still rings true.

I command you...SLEEP!