Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog Addresses

I just read a post over at mymommyneedsatimeout about her 3yr old not sleeping. Is it in the water, is there a full moon, becuase man my little guy is being crazy at night. She has 6, I have 1, so I can't even begin to understand her pain, I mean where she's coming from. But child, please sleep and please STOP calling me. I hate to make you cry, I do, but sometimes I'm at my wits end.

Oh and on a somewhat similar topic...My blog adress. I chose my blog adress when I was newly pregnant, due with the "lil butterball" the day after Thanksgiving. I should have known it was a bad choice when he rufused to be born, seriously, refused. They had to go in and get him. So now I'm more in the thick of being "mom" and I realize that the cutsie blog name is not as fitting as I had hoped, nor will it describe any other child I have. I do have another blog, a dark, sinister blog (aka vent party) that is kind of a private journal where I rarely post, but it has a much more fitting title "I HATE BEDTIME". I've had it for awhile, and it still rings true.

I command you...SLEEP!


Viv said...

Last night? He finally caved at 1:15 a.m., and no, he did NOT nap. I am losing what is left of my mind.