Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Dentist

Justus did so good at the dentist. I was so suprised. He didn't talk much, but he was a tropper and did fantastic. Hopefully he'll hate the dentist less then I do. I guess I should say he'll like the dentist more then I do, but lets be honest.

On that note, why you may ask do I hate the dentist? Because they always hurt me and cost me lots of money. Could some of this be avoided? If I went more then once every few years and actually flossed, maybe. I know I need to get better and I hope to now, but I say that after every cleaning. I did floss last night so one down, a lifetime to go.

While Justus had an uneventful trip mine was to be expected. I had been for a checkup in Feb and they told me I needed a deep clean. What else is new? I tried to schedule it then, but they never gave me a price and I'm not about to say "do it" without a price first. So I went, to a different dentist, yesterday and $300 later I have two cavaties and a deep clean. Why they didn't see these mystery cavaties in Feb I have no idea, but I guess they can form in 3 months, right? I figure todays appt for R would turn out about the same, boy was I wrong!

$1,500 later and lots of questions from me via cell phone R has, or will have in a few hrs/weeks two fillings, one replaced filling, and THREE crowns. The crowns will hopefully help the bone loss and the cracking teeth so he won't need root canals.

Ugh! I can ask why now, but better now then in 3 months when we don't have insurance and R's turns into a dental emergency costing us $10K+. I want to say "just kick us while we're down" but I knwo it could be worse, probably much worse.


This morning I was talking to Justus and I said this to him and thought it should really be a quote that I should live by.

"Sometimes you have too many things to carry and you just have to put some down"

As simple as that sounds, it could apply to my life in SO many ways.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Kids Say

We were driving yesterday and all of the sudden J says
J: Friggen Car
Me: What did you say?
J: I said Friggen Car
Me: umm why?
J: cause' I don't like that car, I just trying to help you mommy.

Yupp another proud mommy moment! It goes right along with the other day when I was talking to R and told him "There's a bithchen motorcycle out here" to which J replied, "where the bitchen motorcycle mama?" Thankfully he did not say it the next time he saw a motorcycle.

It could have been worse, at least it was friggen...
I guess I should pay better attention to what I do say though. Even though I don't (or should say extrememly rarely) curse.


Just had to share two bits of irony I came across.

On Sunday we were driving and I see this Lexus SUV/crossover and the lic plate reads TREHGRZ. Granted, this could possibly be the Lexus Hybrid, but still the nice big one.

The one on Saturday was even better. I get behind this truck and it's filthy. So much so that someone has written "For Sale $2000" on the back window. So I'm looking at the truck when I notice a little sign on the bottom corner that says "Thomas' Auto Detailing xxx-" Yeah like I'm gonna trust you to detail my car?!?

Thursday, May 01, 2008


R is scheduled for surgery, or to be more accurate, surgeries! 3 in a 6 weeks time frame. Here's the schedule:

5/12 - Carpel Tunnel on right wrist
5/26 - Carpel Tunnel on left wrist
6/6 - "taking out the guts" as R puts it (ask if you dare)

And where does that leave me? Tired, probably cranky, stressed over money and caring for a whining boy and I don't mean J. I think I deserve a vacation after this.