Monday, September 29, 2008

Skeltons in the Closet

Is it wrong to talk badly about family members who have passed? Because there are some bugs coming out of the woodwork and it's just wrong!

I'm glad I did not get a chance to make a cake because well...I just am. I'm sure all of the secrets have not even been uncovered yet and we have just scratched the surface. Who knows how deep it goes.

I know R will not be happy that I posted this, but I'm mad. Mad for R, mad for his tante (french for aunt) and mad that it wasn't uncovered sooner, even though we have had our suspicions.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bumps and Bruises

Justus seems to get some odd bumps and bruises. There is one in particular that I may see the Dr. about as this red "spot" has been there for at least a couple weeks already.

What a face!

And I guess he did this while trying to get up from the table at daycare and fell and hit the window sill.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I don't love you

What harsh words, that just broke my heart. And they wern't even directed at me.

"I don't love you daddy"

Which brought R to tears and me close. When what he really meant was "I want it my way and my way is mommy getting me out of bed to go potty, so I'm mad" But a 2 year old can't express that. And mommy is "busy" watching Grey's.

How do you tell a 2yr old to apologize when he can't understand how hurtful his words were. I tried to explain, but it was late and he was mad/sad and just wanted it his way.

I tried to reassure R, but the damage was done. I remember when Justus said it to me several months back and I cried too. I was alrady having a bad day and just didn't need it at that moment.

That phrase is normal right? I just expected it to be a little later, like adolecence.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mon Oncle

I really don't even know what to say except that you will be missed, you were loved, and you are home now.

After a week in ICU following a major heart attack R's Oncle (uncle) passed away this afternoon. We are very thankful to have a wondeful hospital in our area that took very good care of him and tried everything to keep him here with us. But God had other plans, and was ready to bring him home.

We are thankful that it was quick, with very little suffering as you were active until moments before the attack. I promised you a cake if you woke up, but I will make one in your honor for the memorial.


Just for the record, when you can not find regular Tylenol in the house, Children's Tylenol(liquid)in NOT made to be taken in it's place. YUCK!! Just try a shot, mmmm.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Past Funny

I was telling my friend a funny story that happened once and it reminded me of an even funnier story.

When I was pregnant we went out to lunch with a friend. We were talking about the baby when she looks at me and looks at R and say "Oh you both have blue eyes, so he's going to have blue eyes too" Ummmm...well...actually the donor has green eyes. She just laughed and said "Oh my gosh, I'm so stupid" lol

Thanks Josie :) Oh and he does have blue eyes, just like his daddy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Garage Sale Finds

After a few hours on Saturday here's the bargins we got:

7 shirts (3T/4T)- $3.50 total
1 pair of near new water shoes - $.50
Canium tent set - $3
The smallest 2 wheel bike I have ever seen, with training wheels - $2
A set of twin sheets (2 fitted, 1 flat) - $5
A hypoallergenic/waterproof mattress cover - $10
A Safety First bed rail - $3
A 1-piece bathing suit with attached floaties - $1
A divided plate $.25
A jumping spider toy $0

And on Freecycle I also picked up:
2 bags of childrens books and a bag of clothes, which I still have to sort through.

Now I just need to Freecycle/CL some of J's things and get him a twin bed

Monday, September 15, 2008


For about the last 3-4yrs or so the station I listen to while driving is usually K-Love, it's a Christian station. Recently R has gotten interested in it to. The other day he says to me "I'm surprised you like that station because they talk about pro-life". Now obviously he said this to me because I'm pro-choice, always have been always will be. This gave us a great opportunity to talk about my beliefs and reasons why, which have actually changed since I'rown. It basically went like this.

Me-Honey, it's not like I'm pro-death. Let me explain why I'm pro-choice. If abortion were illegal it would still happen. It would happen in back alleys, it would happen in dirty clinics, it would happen in a little girls bedroom with a wire hanger, possibly killing the girl as well, it.would.happen! And I would rather it happen safely then "illegally". It would be wonderful if every girl who was faced with an unwanted pregnancy decided to use adoption, but it's just not going to happen.

Point Made!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Weekend

We had a busy weekend, mostly because R needed to do homework, so we got kicked out of the house. Thankfully he understands that if I'm not IN the house I have no ability to CLEAN the house, hey it works for me :)

Saturday - Since I knew we would need to be out of the house I decided to start Saturday with a little garage saleing. We left about 8:45 (late I know) and stayed out until about 12, so we could get home for lunch and a nap. After nap we headed back out to the park/spray ground, which was a first for J and he loved it. I think we'll be going back next weekend unless I can find another in the area. We we're there for a couple hours before heading home.

Sunday - Since I went to bed at 3am, I did not want to get out of bed. R got up with J and I slept another hour or so. We got ready and headed out again. We went and had some breakfast/brunch and then I tried to find some more sales, but all the addresses were a flop, oh well. At the last house I noticed a park at the end of the street so we headed over there. Lucky me, it was one of the parks I wanted to find and it also has a fountain that goes off every hour and a half that the kids can play in. Even better it was about 45min till the next time. So J played at the park and then we changed him into his bathing suit. Upon exiting the bathroom I fell off the curb hard and rolled, ouch. J just watched me, but thankfully no one else saw. He looked a bit scared so I just told him, see mommy falls down sometimes too, now give me a hug to make me feel better, and he did. :) Needless to say I am achy today. He enjoyed playing in the fountain, but seemed to like the spray ground better. After the fountain we headed home for nap. After nap we went grocery shopping and to the "vitamin store", also know as "the fruit store". It's like a farmers market store and they have testers of the kids vitamins and he gets so excited. Several times he has told me "I get the bear one for my birthday." If he's still saying it around his birthday, guess what he's getting.

So after our long weekend you would think he would fall fast asleep, he did at nap, but nope, he talked for a good hour+ in his bed after putting him down. Sleep child!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Compassion Please

I am so sensitive sometimes. I have a friend who is going through something right now and although she lives hundreds of miles away I want to make my arms into a big bubble and shield her from all the harsh comments. People who say "you didn't figure it out" or "the writing was on the wall". That's kind of like saying "oh she's dead, it's sad but didn't you notice she was sick". Have some compassion for my friend because while we all may have been through it we're not going through it now and she needs loving arms right now.

Or maybe she just needs us to bad mouth the other person if that will make her feel better. :)

P.S. if she wants me to remove this post I will

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Response


Good Morning Tanya:
Based on your email, you wouldn’t feel comfortable with our beliefs.
Stonebrooke Church

How can someone preach "love thy neighbor" and shun an entire group of people?!? As much as I hate to say it so many (NOT ALL) Christians are hyporcites. Sad thing is, this is the usual response that I get when I send an email like this.

I do have to say that the Methodist Church has been open minded since before J was born and in the last yr or so, now actually offers a GLBT group. I think I know where we'll be headed.

I know I'm a sinner, I just don't want to be told it EVER time I go to church. Teach me more then that!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Letter to a Church

Tonight I got a flyer for a local church. They are doing a sermon that sounds very interesting. I would love to find a church home, but have had little luck. Here is the letter I wrote to the church. Is it a bit much?

Hi, my family is trying to find a church home and I ran across your sermon starting on September 21 that seems quite interesting. However, because we have a unique extended family, I would like to find out your church's stance on "alternative lifestyles". We have a young son who I would like to bring up accepting everyone and I do not want to put him or myself in a situation that expects us to chose between God or our family members. Nor do I want him to have the impression that his family is abnormal. That being said, we are also Christians and need to find a church home that is open and accepting of our family.

This does not necessarily mean we need to find a home that caters to alternative families, just one that does not shun them, and preferable one that is a bit more open minded.

I am just trying to be upfront because I know we will not feel like we're home in such a church. Thank you.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More Irony

So R has been working for this guy for a few weeks. The job was advertised as a handyman with home remodeling expereince. Since then he has been doing all landscaping, which he does not enjoy.

The irony of it all is WE pay someone to do OUR lawn. Go Figure!


We were at Great Grandmas house on Monday and we were outside visiting. A little fly kept bothering Justus so he swatted it away.

I said "He probably thinks you taste sweet"

He kind of looked at me like "what lady" and then proceeded to wipe his finger along his cheek and stick it in his mouth and looked in deep though. That was TOO funny, no words needed. I just busted up and he smiled. That kid is a little joker. So I said "oh your not sweet, maybe sour." He didn't miss a beat, swiped his cheek again and stuck it in his mouth and puckered up and shook.

I guess he's sour.