Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Garage Sale Finds

After a few hours on Saturday here's the bargins we got:

7 shirts (3T/4T)- $3.50 total
1 pair of near new water shoes - $.50
Canium tent set - $3
The smallest 2 wheel bike I have ever seen, with training wheels - $2
A set of twin sheets (2 fitted, 1 flat) - $5
A hypoallergenic/waterproof mattress cover - $10
A Safety First bed rail - $3
A 1-piece bathing suit with attached floaties - $1
A divided plate $.25
A jumping spider toy $0

And on Freecycle I also picked up:
2 bags of childrens books and a bag of clothes, which I still have to sort through.

Now I just need to Freecycle/CL some of J's things and get him a twin bed