Monday, December 05, 2005

So Tired

I'm really beginning to get worn out by all this waiting. I had a Dr appt today that was just crazy. First Rach wanted me to stop by her work because I was feeling a bit down, wondering why things were at a standstill. She was super busy working but decided to go with me to the dr. Of course I was thrilled, but at the same time worried because I know she has a ton of work to do and technically she was suppose to go out of town tomorrow and Wednesday. We get to the dr. and they hook me up to the monitor to do the NST the baby was moving a little but not much. I could tell when I was having a contraction and checked the monitor to see if I was right. That was neat to see but obviously they aren't very productive. Anyhow, after we'd been in there awhile my drs receptionist comes in and informs me that the dr. had to leave on an emergency, could I return in about 1.5hrs. I said sure and we ended up leaving. I had to take Rach back to work because I didn't want her to be gone all day. Good thing I did. When I went back to the dr. he did an internal, which I have decided he is really bad at, ouch, and the U/S to check the fluid which he said looked fine. I asked him the size and he still says about average. I now think he has no clue actually. At that point he tells me the NST didn't really come back as good as he would like, so he wants to hook me up to the monitor again. Okay....So they hook me up and I swear my little man is sound asleep, does not want to move for anything. He moved once or twice, but the dr. was not satisfied with that. So he sends me off to L&D for monitoring. Lovely. I was there for nearly 2hrs, before finally being sent home. It's just wearing me out. I'm suppose to call the dr. Tomorrow to find out the plan since they didn't keep me, but they were closed by the time I left the hospital. I know he's on call Wednesday so I assume I'll be going in tomorrow evening to get the Cervidil followed by my water being ruptured and Pitocin on Wednesday morning, so that he can be available for delivery Wed night. Hopefully that's as long as it will take. The triage nurse said it's a long process. Maybe I'll be able to sleep during the Cervidil part. I know the Doula would like for me to hold off as long as possible, but at this point I'm just getting so tired and realize the the most important outcome is a healthy baby.

Friday, December 02, 2005

No Change

That's exactly what the Dr. said when he did my exam today, which nearly made me break down in tears. He said my cervix hasn't done much, which I assume means it's still at 1cm. He then did an U/S and said the fluid still looks fine. Then he hooked me up to the fetal monitors for about 30 minutes to check on the boy. He said that his heartbeat was rising like it should when he moves and even saw some contractions on the printout but said if I'm not feeling them they must not be doing much. I guess the reason I'm still not dilating is because this little man is stubborn and is still just above my pelvis. I have an appointment on Monday and I guess we'll be talking about intervening at that time because he doesn't want me to go past two weeks. He wants to start with Cervidil and see how that goes. I won't let him do any type of of intervention until Thursday because Rach will be out of town until then. So still we wait.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Still Here

Still no baby!

I told him that if he was waiting for the new birthstone, he can come now. At least I have a Dr. appt tomorrow to see if anything has changed. *sigh*