Thursday, April 24, 2008

For the Love of Teeth

Wow, has J been cranky. On Sunday he just would not stop and that's not like him. Granted he's two, but this was something more. Grandma was over and I told her, "he's in rare form today". I couldn't handle it anymore so I finally shoved my finger in his mouth, ok I gently stuck one finger to the side and bamm! two year old molar's breaking through. I checked and he has another one already in, so we may be in for two more bouts like this. Lovely. At least I know to check now and have pain reliever on hand.

To top off the crankiness, on Tuesday I went to get him at daycare and his first response was "mmmoooommmmyyyyy!!!" Then he bowed his head, got a big pouty face, and declared 'I wanted daddy to get me" Full crying instilled and did not let up most of the evening. Can you say Cranky, with a capital C. I guess it was mentioned the next morning at drop off that they felt so bad for me that he was acting that way and wanted nothing to do with me. I just shrug as if to say "what's new".

Husbands Say

The other day R just made me laugh. He was feeling a little, shall we say gassy so I told him to take a gas med. His response...

R: Doesn't that just make you fart more efficiently?

I was at a loss :)

Kids Say

Recently we've read The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist. The other night while eating dinner J says.

J:I wanna go to the Dentist
Me: You do, how come
J: Because I got a looth tooth
Me: really? Well I don't think you have a loose tooth, but we can go to the dentist to make sure your teeth are healthy. Would you like that.
J: Yes

He asked again a few days later, so I guess we're going to the dentist.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yahoo! Answers

I'm now addicted to this stupid Yahoo! Answers thing. Basically you can ask or answer questions or rate an answer and it has this points system. You can't rate an aswer until you reach a level 2 which is something like 250pts. You get 2 pts for answering and 10pts for ansewring and getting chosen as best answer. You lose points if you ask a question and you start with like 100pts for signing up. So to give you a basic idea of how much I have been doing this, I've only done it for like 2 days and I have 199pts. I don't know how I have an odd number of points, but ok. Oh I just looked and you get a point just for logging in, score! So it's stupid but it's fun, what mroe can you ask for.

My Theory

I have this theory that once you have kids you age like twice as fast. At least twice as fast. Prior to being pregnant I had no Gray hair or wrinkles. Now I have this patch of gray in the front and the deepest winkles on my forehead. I would cut my bangs but I have curly hair. How silly might that look. Oh and I have also decided that I hate the color of my hair. It's so dark, but I refused to get it lightened because I don't want to deal with the cost to keep it up. I just don't think hair color is a good expense to try to explain to your spouse. Mine might actually go for it though since he has colored it auburn for me in the past, but I digress.

My postings

I really need to post more. Especially if I want other people to ever be interested in anything I blog about. Maybe I'm just boring. Oh no I know I'm borning :) I just have to think of fun things and blog more about my family in general. Like the fact that R just turned 40!!!! Wow. I'm feeling old.