Thursday, April 24, 2008

For the Love of Teeth

Wow, has J been cranky. On Sunday he just would not stop and that's not like him. Granted he's two, but this was something more. Grandma was over and I told her, "he's in rare form today". I couldn't handle it anymore so I finally shoved my finger in his mouth, ok I gently stuck one finger to the side and bamm! two year old molar's breaking through. I checked and he has another one already in, so we may be in for two more bouts like this. Lovely. At least I know to check now and have pain reliever on hand.

To top off the crankiness, on Tuesday I went to get him at daycare and his first response was "mmmoooommmmyyyyy!!!" Then he bowed his head, got a big pouty face, and declared 'I wanted daddy to get me" Full crying instilled and did not let up most of the evening. Can you say Cranky, with a capital C. I guess it was mentioned the next morning at drop off that they felt so bad for me that he was acting that way and wanted nothing to do with me. I just shrug as if to say "what's new".