Thursday, February 03, 2011

I really do lag

It's a good thing no one is expecting me to post, because they would be sorely disappointed.

Well since September what has happened...R passed the TEAS, on the first try. WoooHooo. He also completed his history class and started Spanish this semester. He's on the wait list for the nursing program, but also applied for Fall. Fingers crossed that he gets in then and gets this show on the road. That would be a major blessing.

J now loves school and I can't remember the last time I heard him complain about it. Sure he does the "I wish it was a weekend" because he wants to play with his toys, but nothing like I was dealing with before. I'm very happy with our decision to move him and I can tell that he is as well. We applied to the local magnet schools for Kinder and will find out if we get in come March. The schools around here are NOT good and this would be a great way for him to get a little more form his public school education. Our first choice is the Science, Math and Tech magnet, but we will also take the Visual and performing arts magnet.

Other then that things are holding steady. It's all in God's hands.