Friday, August 29, 2008

Guinea Pig

Have you ever wondered what type of person would sign up to be a human guinea pig for those clinical trials? The answer, ME! I've done two in the past for my blood pressure but I was young and stupid and thought "hey free money." So the difference this time? I have a FT job that I have to leave once every two weeks to get poked and evaluated on how the meds are working, it's not for blood pressure, and I'm a lot older, but just as stupid. But hey, *Free money* and meds and I feel a little better. I think I might just make this trial thing a P/T job.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Next Year?

At this point I'm thinking that I should wait until November 2009 to do the Breast Cancer 3-day walk. Granted I would like to be pregnant at some point, so that might end up getting scrapped too, but who knows what the future holds. I'm just thinking "outloud." A year would give me more time to get into better shape and raise money, but who really wants to give money for a cause that is so far away? UGH!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


The boy never ceases to make me laugh. Yesterday I forgot his swim diaper for swim lessons and as I pulled up his 'spring' suit he exclaimes "What, my pe.nis in the pool?" LOL!!!

ESP a little off

So now they are quizzing him at daycare, lol. They asked him what color shirt he thought I would be wearing, which isn't really fair since he saw me in the morning. He said red and I was wearing green BUT...I had gone to the Dr. and had a red bandage around my arm, hummmmm.

Monday, August 04, 2008

To walk or not to walk

For several years I have wanted to do the 3-day breast cancer walk, but something has always stopped me. The last 3 years it has been baby/pregnancy and before that just the worry that I couldn't make it or that I couldn't raise enough funds. In the end what it all comes down to is FEAR!

I WANT to do this, I NEED to do this, for myself, for my grandma, for all the women who have suffered and to stop the suffering. It's something that I have an immense desire to do, But I'm scared.

My excuse now is that I would hate to leave J for three days, but also that I'm afraid I would fail. I'm not in "great shape" by any means and I doubt I could train enough in just 3 months, but who knows. I think I could raise the necessary funds, I hope I could.

There is a "getting started" meeting in my area next week and I'm afraid to even go to that.

I need to get over this because honestly this is something I would regret if I don't ever do it and I ain't getting any younger.

Kids Say

I asked Justus the other day:

Me: Did you play with the giant Easel at C's house?
J: No, I didn't play with the weasel.

The Good Stuff

There have been a few blogs recently that have talked about people only talking about the positive on their blogs, well guess what, this is one of those blogs. Do we have issues, of course, but this is a place for us to share (as if anyone reads it) the fun, happy, positive bits of our life. I do have another blog for all my negative stuff but unless you ask for the address and I'm in a good enough (or self loathing) mood to give it out, I hope you never find it.

More ESP

On the way to daycare Justus tells me he's thirsty. I explaine that we'll get a drink when we get to C's house. I ask him "what do you think they'll have?, Water or Milk?" He says "Juice". Now let me explain that the only time they have juice in the morning is when they have cereal for breakfast since the milk is already in the cereal. So we walk in and what does Justus see and comment on? "They are having Juice!" Yup, you were right.