Friday, December 02, 2005

No Change

That's exactly what the Dr. said when he did my exam today, which nearly made me break down in tears. He said my cervix hasn't done much, which I assume means it's still at 1cm. He then did an U/S and said the fluid still looks fine. Then he hooked me up to the fetal monitors for about 30 minutes to check on the boy. He said that his heartbeat was rising like it should when he moves and even saw some contractions on the printout but said if I'm not feeling them they must not be doing much. I guess the reason I'm still not dilating is because this little man is stubborn and is still just above my pelvis. I have an appointment on Monday and I guess we'll be talking about intervening at that time because he doesn't want me to go past two weeks. He wants to start with Cervidil and see how that goes. I won't let him do any type of of intervention until Thursday because Rach will be out of town until then. So still we wait.