Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Response


Good Morning Tanya:
Based on your email, you wouldn’t feel comfortable with our beliefs.
Stonebrooke Church

How can someone preach "love thy neighbor" and shun an entire group of people?!? As much as I hate to say it so many (NOT ALL) Christians are hyporcites. Sad thing is, this is the usual response that I get when I send an email like this.

I do have to say that the Methodist Church has been open minded since before J was born and in the last yr or so, now actually offers a GLBT group. I think I know where we'll be headed.

I know I'm a sinner, I just don't want to be told it EVER time I go to church. Teach me more then that!


Kristen said...

Well, at least they were honest...

I'm not religious, but do you really think you are a sinner because you're gay? I hope not. Hopefully the right church will come along for you and help you feel more comfortable with the sin issue.

Sonya said...


Good for you for reaching out to them. Better to find out this way I guess!

The right Church is out there... it really really is! Don't give up hope!