Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Letter to a Church

Tonight I got a flyer for a local church. They are doing a sermon that sounds very interesting. I would love to find a church home, but have had little luck. Here is the letter I wrote to the church. Is it a bit much?

Hi, my family is trying to find a church home and I ran across your sermon starting on September 21 that seems quite interesting. However, because we have a unique extended family, I would like to find out your church's stance on "alternative lifestyles". We have a young son who I would like to bring up accepting everyone and I do not want to put him or myself in a situation that expects us to chose between God or our family members. Nor do I want him to have the impression that his family is abnormal. That being said, we are also Christians and need to find a church home that is open and accepting of our family.

This does not necessarily mean we need to find a home that caters to alternative families, just one that does not shun them, and preferable one that is a bit more open minded.

I am just trying to be upfront because I know we will not feel like we're home in such a church. Thank you.