Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Dentist

Justus did so good at the dentist. I was so suprised. He didn't talk much, but he was a tropper and did fantastic. Hopefully he'll hate the dentist less then I do. I guess I should say he'll like the dentist more then I do, but lets be honest.

On that note, why you may ask do I hate the dentist? Because they always hurt me and cost me lots of money. Could some of this be avoided? If I went more then once every few years and actually flossed, maybe. I know I need to get better and I hope to now, but I say that after every cleaning. I did floss last night so one down, a lifetime to go.

While Justus had an uneventful trip mine was to be expected. I had been for a checkup in Feb and they told me I needed a deep clean. What else is new? I tried to schedule it then, but they never gave me a price and I'm not about to say "do it" without a price first. So I went, to a different dentist, yesterday and $300 later I have two cavaties and a deep clean. Why they didn't see these mystery cavaties in Feb I have no idea, but I guess they can form in 3 months, right? I figure todays appt for R would turn out about the same, boy was I wrong!

$1,500 later and lots of questions from me via cell phone R has, or will have in a few hrs/weeks two fillings, one replaced filling, and THREE crowns. The crowns will hopefully help the bone loss and the cracking teeth so he won't need root canals.

Ugh! I can ask why now, but better now then in 3 months when we don't have insurance and R's turns into a dental emergency costing us $10K+. I want to say "just kick us while we're down" but I knwo it could be worse, probably much worse.