Friday, August 05, 2005

Funny things

So a few funny things that have happend during this journey...

Let's see. When we told my Grandma Roundy she was a bit taken back and actually asked if the donor was black?!? HUH. Why in the world...

Ok so hormones are raging...There was a Tsunami warning in San Diego. I freaked, absolutely lost it. I was crying and crying and tired to get a hold of Rach because she was out of town. When I couldn't I called my dad who told me I would be alright, that I was far enough away from the coast and to try to relax. That helped but I was still pissed that I couldn't get a hold of Rach. Ok, so it's funny now.

Oh and Rachel let me try to cut her hair. That was a mistake. I kept telling her no but she kept insisting. I finally gave in. Well on one side I pretty much shaved it off, which sent me into another fit of sadness. I had ruined her hair. She tired to fix it, but there was no fixing that. It was a hat for the next few weeks for her.