Friday, August 05, 2005

A little Conception History

Well since I'm starting this a little late I figure I should post a little history about our family. I'm Tanya (31) and my spouse of 7yrs is Rach (37). We had been trying to conceive for about 10 months before I finally became pregnant with our lil Butterball EDD 11/25/05. It was our 7th attempt doing at home insems and I just knew I wasn't pregnant this time around either. I had my normal PMS cramps and knew AF would be along any minute. I promised Rach that if I didn't see AF by the morning of cd15 I would test. I told everyone I was doing the test for grins and giggles because I just knew I wasn't pg. The morning of March 20, 2005 I tested using the First Response HPT and to my shock and amazment that second line came up. I'd heard that there had been people in the past that had gotten false positives with this brand so I immedietly ran to the store at 6:50 to get another. I had to wait until they opened at 7 before I could head back home. I took the second test and sure enough it came back positive too. I showed it to Rach and my eyes got huge. We were so taken back and estatic. After 10months of trying and over a yr of planning we were finally pregnant!