Friday, August 05, 2005

Our First few Appointments

A few days after the home HPT I went to my GP and they confirmed the pregnancy. I couldn't get in to see the Ob, Dr. Langley, until I was at least 8 weeks pregnant. When we finally did get to go in we had our first Ultrasound(u/s) and saw the little arm & leg buds, spine, head, and yolk sack. At our 12week visit we had another u/s and got to see the little beating heart, so Amazing!

At our next visit at 16weeks we were finally going to get to hear the heatbeat. The Dr. tried and tried to find the heartbeat and I started to worry. I made a joke saying it was a sneaky lil bugger. After trying even longer the Dr. finally said he wanted to do another u/s, but he was sure everything was fine. I don't think I belive him. Rachel said my face lost all color, I was scared. When we got into the u/s room the Dr. was able to see the baby right away and there was the little beating heart. He put the doppler in a different place and sure enough we were finally able to hear ther heart beat. He said he'd jut been looking too low and the baby was higher then he expected. Phew, what a relief.