Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I have horrible horrible intuition! Nothing happened yesterday, nothings happening today. Why do they even give you due dates? It has to be to make you crazy! Actually maybe it's to make your family crazy so they bug you everyday. It really wouldn't be so bad if everyone else didn't keep asking.
We have to go down to San Diego tonight so I know nothing will happen tonight. No, it will happen when we're suppose to drive 2hrs away for some holiday party for Rachel's work on the 7th (which of course is my lucky #). Her boss tells her "if you don't go I'll be mad". I swear she's like 12 and her bestfriend said she wouldn't go to the dance. Goodness. Anyhow I'll stop bitching for now. Maybe I'll ask them about inducing this weekend at my Friday appt. I guess I'll shoot an email off to our Doula to see what she has to say and to hopefully reassure me. I just start worrying that something's wrong, and it's only been 3 days. I can only imagine 3 weeks ;)