Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Work Schedules

Well I finally did it yesterday. I gave my boss a proposal for an alternative work schedule. Rather then putting him on the spot and discussing it right away, I told him to take time to look it over, think about it and come up with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions. I was so nervous when I walked out of his office I felt like I was going to be sick. Which makes me realize that it's not the pain that I'll have to control in delivery, but more so my nerves.
Basically my plan stated that I want to reduce my hours from 40+ to 32 hours/wk, focus mainly on A/P (right now my duties are all over the map), and come to the office for about 8 hrs a week with the remainder of my time telecommuting,it did say work at home but then I thought he would prefer the telecommute business language. I tried to explain that I think I can get my work done more quickly at home and that I will be available by phone or email when needed. I also said we would reevaluate it after 8 weeks to see how it's working. I have a feeling he's going to either be against it entirely (he's pretty hard to please), or he'll let me work at home, but want me in the office more then I originally intended. I've found it's just so hard to find P/T infant care.