Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Second Shower

There were a lot of people there, some I had never even met before that are residents at the complex where Rach works. Including kids I would have to say there were about 35 people. It was fun having the kids there but the entire event wore me out! I was a bit confused because my friend, who says I'm her "best" friend didn't even show up.
Of course we got lots of stuff, but mostly not off the registry. Now we have to go buy all the stuff we didn't get that we still need. We got a ton of clothes, which we already have a ton of. I say we take some things back, Rach says keep them incase we need them. I just think we have way to many and would never be able to use them all. I think people go a bit crazy and all buy the 0-3 month clothing. Hopefully we can compromise. We also got a ton of bath stuff which I know we can use forever so that's fine and a ton of diapers, from P to size 3.
I'm just thinking about all the stuff we didn't get, and what are must haves that we need to go buy on our own. Perhaps crib sheets, mattress pads, pack-n-play sheets, changing table pad, stroller, car seat, etc etc. I guess we'll go do that in the next couple of weeks after we get the mess out of the living room and see what we have.