Thursday, October 13, 2005


So how do you choose the right Doula? I have no idea!

We interviewed 4 and have narrowed it down to 2. I'm determined to make this decision by tomorrow. They both cost the same, have been to about the same # of births and both seem like really great people, just very different from one another. One is very talkative(2.5hr interview), but swears she can be quite when needed. She seems like she'd be a good advocate for us and make sure we know all the facts if I ask for drugs. She was very comfortable with us and gave us hugs when she left. She's kind of a grandmother type and emailed to say thank you for meeting with her. The other is more soft spoken (30min interview), but still very knowledgable. She's about 30 mins closer to our home and seems very organized with lot's of relaxation tools.

Of the ones we didn't pick one was just offense, "granola/mother earth" for us. I guess I felt like she was mostly against drugs. Heck I don't know how I'm gonna react when I get in there. The other has only been certified a short time and still works as an RN. During our visit she told us three negative birth stories. I'm really looking for positive energy here. One of her comments was "if you wan't natural, stay at home as long as possible because once you get to the hospital and get in bed I've never seen a woman get out". Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Well I guess I will let you know when we make a decision.