Monday, October 17, 2005

It will have to wait

I've decided I'm not ready for the baby yet. He must stay in there until I am.

We need to go shopping and get everything else we need. My house is cluttered, which I must work on before he comes. I also need to scrub the floors and do a good thouorgh cleaning. I was so excited about leaving work and now I'm starting to freak out. The longest I've been off since I started in the work force was two weeks, and I've been with this particular job for almost 3 years and although I have used some vacation time here and there I have never taken a sick day. I'm freaking out because...what if I hate being at home? What if I love being at home and know I must return to this place? What if the temp does a horrible, or even worse, a much better job then I do? What if I leave loose ends when I leave and can't relax because of it? What if I should have taken off less time? Oh the dilemma!


Estelle said...

What if everything goes just fine?
What if your proposed schedule works out?
What if you love the time you have home with him, but find a wonderful babysitter for the time you have to go to work?
What if your job survives with out you, and welcomes you back with open arms?
What if your house is ready when he gets home?

Tanya said...


I know...YOUR RIGHT!!! :)

Ok I was the "what if" child too, so I guess I never outgrew this. As you will see in my BF post to you.

Deep down I know everything will be fine and it will work out for the best.