Friday, October 21, 2005

Sooo Irritating

If there's one person who can make my blood boil it's my boss. He is just so...arg! Such a micromanager even after he says he doesn't want to be.

So I gave him my proposal, not a demand letter, a proposal. I told him that we didn't need to discuss it right then, that I wanted him to look it over and get back to me with any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. For 3 days I heard nothing, then today when we're in our, as I like to call it "waste of time" meeting, he says "Well I looked this over, did you want my first impression?" Pause... "well maybe I should hold onto my first impression and look it over again later". I just shrugged and said okay. What can I do, he'll end up telling me what he wants and that's it. I've already decided that if I'm told to work FT at work then I'll suck it up and work FT, however I will not work OT and if that means not getting my work done as quickly then that's what it means. I'm not giving up my family life to try and please him. He should've just kept his mouth shut until he decided what he wanted to say. I'm not sure what that will be, but my next request will be to work PT at the office and PT at home. If that doesn't fly then I guess I'm putting a 3mo old in day care and working FT.