Wednesday, October 26, 2005

We have Doula

Well actually we have A Doula. Yes we finally made a decision. I know that was forever and a day ago but we've been sooo busy. Seriously, with showers the last two Saturdays and Birthdays the last two Sundays and Rachel's family in town from New Hampshire and trying to put baby stuff away and work...We've had NO time. Plus I think I'm procrastinating thinking that this is the last big decision we had to make and if I never made it the baby would have to wait. Granted I know this isn't true, but my mind works in mysterious ways.


Estelle said...

well which one is it freak?

Tanya said...

We picked the one who was very talkative and made us feel right at home. I even called a couple of her references who said she was "a very calming presence during labor and delivery" and "she advocated and gave us the facts before we made any decisions" both said they were glad she was there. I even did a web search on her name and a site came up say our doula was a great help and a picture. The main reson we didn't go for the other choice was that A) I found out she already had two midwife births scheduled around the same time and B) She is going to be out of town the 16-21.