Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sick Baby

My baby is sick!

It started on Monday with a little congestion. Then on Tuesday it turned into a yucky cough. By last night, Wed, the cough was horrible and it sounded like he's wheezing when he breathes. I woke up today and it still sounds like he's wheezing. At this point mommy instinct kicks in and tells me to bring him to the Peditrician. I call as soon as they open and get an appt a half hr later.

By the time I get there I of course am second guessing myself but figure if it's nothing then I'm just a crazy new mom and if it's something then I'll be glad I went. So the Dr. comes in and askes whats going on. I explain that he's been wheezing since last night and he asked "what's your definition of wheezing?", so I tried to explain. He said well wheezing is ... and I said yeah that's what he's doing, or at least I think so. I should mention my Dr. doesn't like to treat just to treat, so he wants to see if I'm being overprotective and what not, which is fine. He then listens to Justus and says he is in fact wheezing. I say, I'm glad I brought you in buddy and the Dr. says "me too". Not really what you want to hear the Dr. to say. He then says he is going to try to test his oxygen level and give him a breathing treatment. Huh? I didn't expect this! Well it turns out he has Bronchiolitis which is caused by the RSV virus, different then Bronchitis. We were sent home with a nebulizer and I have to give him a treatment every 4 hrs which doesn't treat the cold, just hopefully helps him breath better and not wheeze. It's hard to try to keep a mask on a 3mo old!

Apparently this is common this time of year and should clear up on it's own, but I really have to watch him to make sure his breathing doesn't get worse which would warrent a trip to urgent care or the ER. Even through these horrible coughing spells that make him turn beet red and sound like he's choking and going to cough up his insides, he's still all smiles.