Thursday, October 02, 2008

Justus ESP

Yesterday his ESP abilities were right on.

Prior to leaving for daycare I asked what he thought they were having for breakfast and I suggested porridge. He replies "waffles". Sure enough, they had waffles. I asked him this morning but he said I don't know, he was really cranky.

Then on the way home I called free 411 to get the number for a local sandwich shop. Before they give you the number they always make you listen to an ad. I had told J we we're going to get daddy soup when he says "I want McDonald's". A few second later I get to the ad portion and it was for McDonald's, too odd. And McD is not one of his normal requests, it's usually "Bean Burrito Cheese".

So the ESP continues.

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Well, not really a comment but I saw your message on the trans listserv and I checked out your blog. I saw that you guys are in the dc area too, so I was wondering if there were any groups your hubby was involved in that meet around here that I can check out.