Friday, April 24, 2009

Blasts from the Past

Recently I took it upon myself to find two people from my past, that I think about often. The mom of a girl I use to babysit for and my 6th grade teacher. I emailed them both. I haven't heard from the mom, but my teacher emailed me back in less then 10 minutes.

I was so happy to hear back from her. So excited that I honestly just wanted to cry.

This was someone who helped shape my life. Someone I think about often and hope she is doing well. Someone who made 6th-12th grade, and my parents divorce a little less painful. Someone who I would love to sit down with and tell my entire life to.

Oddly enough she was a teacher who most students disliked as she was extremely strict, to the point that she wouldn't even let her students wear makeup. I remember she let me bring my Cabbage Patch Kid with me to 6th grade camp, even though it was frowned upon. In taking me under her wing she did things that would be soooo frowned upon now. Like making me make a promise to not...before I was 18. Or inviting me into her family life where I spent a weekend with her and her family (after the school year ended). Things were just different then. She asked me difficult questions that I hated her for and then years later went to see her to apologize because I understood why.

I'm so so glad she is well and that she has become a principal like she wanted. I really doubt that she truly knows how much her mentoring and friendship meant to me.

Contact a teacher that made a difference in your life. It will make you feel good, and most likely make their day.