Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I know this blog doesn't get much traffic, but I had to post this just in case someone happens upon it.

I have a friend who has been training to walk the Breast Cancer 3-day (the3day.org). She has been training for months and has been walking miles per day to be able to make it through the walk. Even more difficult then walking has been the fundraising. There is a minimum she must raise in order to be allowed to walk, after all the training and fundraising she has done.

She has raised $1,600 so far but needs another $700 to meet her "goal". I agree that $2,300 is a lot, but this is not a goal that she chose, it is the minimum amount they require once you choose to walk.

This is for a great cause and there is no doubt that someone you know has, or will be affected by this disease. I know for me personally that my risk is increased because my maternal grandmother is a survivor. I have wanted to walk in this race myself for the last few years and it is a personal goal that at some point I WILL accomplish, but for now, please donate to her. Even $5 will help and that's what, your morning coffee? $10, a fast food lunch? So make lunch and coffee at home one day, and donate $15 (or more). It will help her reach her goal and you will feel good doing it.

Thank you