Friday, February 03, 2006

Our Dog the Protector

We have a mini Doxie and he's always been spoiled. We worried that when we brought the baby home he would be really jealous. We were basically right. I can tell he feels like he's getting the short end of the stick, but he's taking it very well.

At first he wanted to lick the baby all over, but we of course wouldn't let him. Since then he's basically gotten use to him. He's become a little protector and it's too sweet. For instance yesterday the baby was sleeping in his bouncy and I was on the computer (like now) and the baby started moving a little, but I couldn't see him because he was on the other side of the couch. All of the sudden the dog is sitting up on the couch whining and looking at me. I look over at him and was like 'okay'. Then he whines again so I stand up and the baby is moving around, but not fussing. I tell him "it's okay Beaudoux, thank you." and he calms right down. Another time the baby was in the swing and being noisy so the dog comes to me as if to say Mommy the baby's awake. He'll do the same thing if the baby's in his bassinet and the dog is still sleeping in the bed since he's in the room with him and can hear him. He's really too sweet.


seasonalkat said...

This IS adorable. Our dog does the same thing. When we brought Evan home, she would look at us and whine every time he moved or made a noise. Now she's much better, but if the kids are in the room, she's usually close by them so she can keep a watchful eye on them :)