Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We have decided that Justus has some ESP ability. To the point that daycare is trying to help keep tabs as well. Since I have been keeping tabs this is what has occured:

I almost always pick him up from daycare, always have. On a rare occasion daddy will, but usually me.

On three occasions Justus has told his teachers "daddy is picking me up today" and on 2 of the 3 he has been right.

On one occasion he told them mommy, daddy, and grandma are picking me up today. Sure enough we did, and this was NOT preplanned. None of these were actually.

This morning he came into our bed to watch "George" while I got ready for work and proceeded to tell daddy "I want the spaceship one", oddly enough that is what ended up coming on.

And the scarest of all came on Sunday when he refused to nap...(see next post)