Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fire Anyone?

So more on the ESP issue. Which happened again at school the other day where he told the teachers I was coming before he saw me. If nothing else the child has a 6th sense or a very strong bond with his parents.

I even joked the other day when we had an earthquake "so did Justus forwarn you about the Earthquake" They said "No, but we wouldn't have been suprised if he had." They actually didn't feel the quake at all.

So as for the scariest "6th sense" moment yet, On Sunday the 20th, we were having a leisury day at home. It came time for nap and we tried to put Justus down. It had gotten late and we were going to Grandma's after so instead of putting him in his crib we were going to let him rest in our bed cause he sleeps shorter there. So we tried and tried and Justus would have none of it. He told me he didn't want to sleep, he was figidy, He didn't want to watch cartoons, he wanted to go in the other bedrooms, and all the other things kids try to do to stall, but very adamant. During all this we heard a fire truck go by. He loves fire trucks and he made a comment about them. I responded with "yes now lay down". About 15min later we hear another (not unusal as we live next to a busy street). I figure he ain't sleeping so I might as well let him see the fire truck. I push back the curtain and it's so smoky outside I can see ash falling. R and I both comment that it's pretty close maybe we should go down and see. As we get to the middle of the culd-a-sac a police car comes down from the hill beside our house and says "you live here?", "YES?!?", "Well if it jumps the freeway you'll have to leave", WHAT?!? Mind you our house sits right next to the freeway, to the point that I use to tell people that we live on the center divide (it's a small freeway, by CA standards). Aft er that it gets a bit crazy as we try to get our things together to evacuate. I must say I was less then prepared and much less then calm when J then says "hurry Mommy, there's a fire, stop drop and roll."

Jump ahead about 30min and I'm loading things in the vehicles and I ask the fireman what the status is "better then it was." Well thanks. We did NOT end up evacuating. They got it out, but I never want to be that close again. BUT what if it did jump the freeway and what if we had been asleep?!?

I think I will invite Grandma to swim lessons and not tell J and see if he tells me that Grandma is coming. TBD...