Monday, January 19, 2009

My Siblings

I have four siblings. 2 sisters and 2 brother, half brothers if any ones counting. I am the oldest. As of this writing we are Tanya (34), Chandra (26), Jenna(24), Jacob(21), and Tim(18).

Tim is the youngest and the craziest. I often worry about him and where his life is headed. For the first time ever I sat with him and had an actual conversation this past Christmas. I remember Tim as little Timmy. My cute but troubled baby brother. The one I was a birth coach for. The one I would often babysit for when my mom went to work. The boy who had to have speech lessons because at two he would say "boid" you know the things that fly in the sky. I remember doing a presentation about him for Psychology class, but not the specifics. It was so cute that he would say "boid". He is the one that got kicked out of preschool and sent to special classes once he entered kindergarten. He has learning problems still to this day, anger issues, and is on and off medication. I hope that as he gets older he can get on a regimen that helps him become a wonderful young man, but still I worry.

At the other end of the spectrum is Jacob. He was the cute kid I took to school with me to show off during child development. I remember him telling me when he was very young that he was going to own his own business. I asked if I could work for him in the office and he said "would you know what to do?" :) When he got to be about 8 he was annoying as hell, and would not shut up. He has grown so much since then, into a handsome young man who I can have a real conversation with. We should be closer. He's smart too and is getting ready to graduate from the University of Boulder with a degree in Engineering, Full Scholarship! Hey where's my sweatshirt? And to be honest I did not want him to be born. How much I would have missed out on if my mom had followed my desire. :(

Then there's Jenna, my 'little' sister, who towers over me. She probably doesn't realize how protective I am of her, but I am. Ever since the breakup with her first boyfriend. She's a good girl who slips off the path every now and again and then jumps right back on. She's smarter and stronger then she realizes. She's like me in that she is a pleaser. Take her to the mall and she'll go where you want, share a soda, and be sweet. She can tend to be loud, but that's just Jenna. She would never hurt anyone on purpose. She was a teen mom, who defied the odds. Graduated with honors and went on to finish nursing school. She's afraid of failure and that can tend to hold her back. She currently lives with my dad with her two gorgeous kids Kaylee(6) and Derek(7). She will succeed in whatever she does as long as she puts her mind to it.

And last but not least, is Chandra. My sister! My "twin". The one who ruined my single child-hood. ;) She seems to constantly change, never bad, just changing. She's an adult now. She lives with her boyfriend and desires to be a SAHM so didn't go further then H.S. She was the bratty one growing up. Always getting into my stuff and making me punch her in the stomach. Which she will gladly tell you the story of even today. She is more independent, take her to the mall and you better be ready to go to the stores she wants to go to and fork out the money for the extra soda because she isn't sharing with anyone. She's gone though the "black" phase, the "pot" phase, and I've even called her a "fag hag", and now she's just chill. She's not 100% sure of herself, but she tries to hide it. She is not a girly girl.

Those are my siblings in a quick nutshell. I'm sure I have forgotten to mention many things, but I love them all and just wanted to take a second to let them know I notice them, and love them. :)


Kristen said...

I never knew these things about your family. thanks for sharing