Monday, January 12, 2009

New Stove

Well it looks like we are going to have to get a new range. I've been babying the one we have for quite some time now, but now it seems that my oven, yes the oven, is giving me problems and we can't have that. Two of the burners will not light by them self and so I've been using a stick lighter, but the other night it took over two hours to cook a chicken. I have to make a cake tonight and I hope it turns out okay. It may just be that the calibration is off because when I checked my oven thermometer it read about 25 deg less then where I had it set. That could possibly explain the troubles I was having with a few sheets of cookies this year, or that could have been the sheets them self. I'll be sure to check it as soon as it's preheated to see where the temp falls.

Not that I wouldn't love a new stove/oven. I would REALLY love a nice big double oven and/or a convection oven but I refuse to spend $1500+ on one. I was trying to go as cheap as possible, but there are a few things I require which the cheepos don't have and if I spend a little more I will hopefully get a better insulated product which will cost less in the long run. And maybe I can actually go digital with the oven now, instead of the turn dial. Our current oven doesn't match anything in the kitchen as it's bisque and all the others are white.

So far there are two that I have in mind but I have to go to Best Buy to look at the one I saw on their site. There is another at Sears. Both are in the $550 range, ouch. If tonight's baking shows that I do in fact need one, I hope to have a decision made by next weekend before I have to bake another cake.