Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bathroom Chatter

This weekend I was at Target and had to use the bathroom. I was finally able to coax J away from the shoes and to the restroom with me. Once in the stall he asks, loudly, "why don't girls have a pe.nis?"

The lady in the next stall giggles as I quietly shush him. She then says "I can't wait to get that question, mine is 2"

I respond "yeah he's three" and we both laugh. So I told him "that's the way God made us." And she responds "there you go, that's a good answer, that's what I'd say too. Have a good day"

"You too" :) Hey at least she was the only one in the restroom and had a good sense of humor.

After she left I had to confuse the kid more by saying "most boys have a pen.is and most girls don't" lol at least he didn't ask why.

Oh and on that note I have to be over this cold by Wednesday because when he asked me what day specifically that I would be better that's what I said and he hasn't let me forget it.


Kristen said...

ha! That's funny. Ah kids. Audrey constantly asks me about tampons, especially when I tell her I want privacy. No Audrey, I don't need a tampon everyday, sometimes mommy just wants two minutes to herself.