Thursday, February 19, 2009

No More Beetles

While I can't tell you if we still have termites, which I'm sure we do. Or if we still have mold in the garage, which we might. I finally seem to have gotten rid of the weird little beetle bugs I was finding in the kitchen and bathroom.

I was really confused to find them in the bathroom especially when I seemed to have found their lair in the kitchen, which is no where near the bathroom. Their comfy cozy home seemed to be the Masa that I had, sitting in a long forgotten cupboard from who knows when (at least 2 years because I know it was before that when I made tamales). But sure enough there was a whole mess of 'em up in the cupboard. So I tossed the mesa and sprayed the cabinet and have not seen them crawling the walls since.

I don't expect the termites and mold to be so easy.


Kristen said...

ew gross!