Friday, March 27, 2009

What's that for?

J had just gone to the bathroom and needed to get into the bath, but before doing so he came to me and asked "mama, what's this?"
Me- You mean your (thinking he was asking specifically about the head)
J-No this (pointing now under said
Me- That's your scro.tum
J-What's inside of it?
Me-Your testicles.
J-What are they for?
Me-So when you get bigger you can help make a baby.
J ponders this info for just a second and then responds quiet pointedly and with a perfect facial expression "THAT, is never going to happen."


Viv said...

That is what my 11 year old keeps telling, come to think of it, he probably started saying it around 3.

Tanya said...

Let's hope they keep thinking that way! At least until they are like 25, 30.

Kristen said...


KP said...

Yikes! =) At least he was satisfied with that answer!