Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Aftermath

As much as I am excited that we finally have a Democrat back in the White House, I am equally saddened and angry at the results of Prop 8 here in California. I do not envy President-Elect Obama, for he has a tough job ahead of him, but I hope we will see the change that we need to uplift this country once again.

Closer to home, I could not be more disappointed in the Prop 8 decision. While there is still another 5% of votes to be counted, it has already been said that Prop 8 has passed and that the state constitution will be changed, to include discrimination.

Today I read that a Yes on 8 spokesperson said “we just ran a better campaign” to which I shuddered. They did NOT run a better campaign. They were dirty and deceptive, and their lies abundant. They used innocent children as a scare tactic and the religious right as their podium (not to mention income). What happened to Love Thy Neighbor?!? Hate is not in born, it is taught.

We do not want to change or challenge marriage. We don’t even care to get married in “their” church. We just want the Equality that we deserve. And do people really believe that we will ruin the sanctity of marriage? From what I have seen the high divorce rate and infidelity took care of that long ago.

And I am also angry because many people left the poll line once they got a text message or phone call telling then the outcome of the Presidential election. How many of these people might have voted No on 8?

I hang my head, knowing I should have done more…BUT the fight is not over! We shall prevail.