Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Child the Scent Dog!

I swear, the child can smell anything, anywhere. And it's not just smells either, it's sounds and sights, and other things. It's crazy really and all part of his 6th sense. Examples of his extreme smell ability:

I had a banana muffin in the car in a grocery bag. I opened the bag to get something out and he says "I smell pupcakes, why do I smell pupcakes?"
This a.m. he comes to me and says "did you buy chocolate chip cookies?" um no, "I smell chocolate chip cookies"- R had eaten them the night before out of a ziploc and had closed the baggie but had it next to the bed.
Again this a.m. When we got out of the car. "what's that smell" it was someone burning a fire in a fire place.
Once in a public bathroom, single stall thankfully "It smells really bad in here" 'I know' "I need to get out of here it's so stinky." as he nearly gags.
And one time after I ate chocolate "Mommy! What do I smell."

And these are only the times I can think of off the top of my head!

I'll go into sounds and sight later, when I can think of several.