Monday, November 10, 2008


I admit it, I love to eavesdrop. Heck it’s funny to hear what other people are talking about and sometimes too easy to listen. Two prime examples.

The weekend before the election I took J to the bookstore to look at books and play with the trains. While I was sitting near the trains I overheard a group of ladies talking about who they were voting for. And one lady chimed in…”I always think about which one I would trust my kids with.” Very interesting. I didn’t hear who that would be but I figure it would have to be Obama because really, who would want to come home while their child is jumping all over Manny McCain saying “look ma he’s playin dead, he’s good at it huh?”

This very same night, while getting out of the car two moms are walking by with their, oh I’d guess 14mo old (if that) kids on their hip. And the one girl says to the other O.M.G. Jen (yes like that, text talk ) we should have taken them to Chuck-E-Cheese!!! Yes ladies because two barley walking toddlers would love to get trampled by a bunch of 4-8yr olds who can actually enjoy the value of Chuck-E-Cheese, mediocre pizza and all.