Monday, November 24, 2008


So I guess my new title is "Office Baker". Heck I'd trade in Office Manager for that any day. :)

A few times my boss has brought in over ripe bananas and I have taken them home and made banana bread. Next thing I know he buys me a 3 pack of pumpkin bread mix, which I've made two of. Well Friday he went to Costco and asked what I usually go through with the baking and I mentioned sugar, flour, and oil.

I come in today and there is 5 quarts of oil, a 10lb bag of sugar, and a 25lb bag of flour! I better get to baking. My coworker says he just wants me to open a bakery. Heck we have a full kitchen here, I could make anything fresh for them.


Kristen said...

How bout Chief Baking Officer. Sounds very prestigous (sp?)

And that's a lot of food! Do you have a place to store all that?

Sonya said...

Wow - that is nice of him to contribute like that!