Thursday, December 04, 2008

Party Planning

While I actually enjoy it, I do often get stressed out about it.

First there is deciding on a theme and then creating the invitation. Then deciding who to invite and hoping that some of the dc kids will come, but not all because it would just be too many people. Then there is stressing when no one is RSVPing. I mean I want my child to have some friends there.

Then comes shopping for party supplies which can't be as simple as going to the store and picking up princess, or even fire truck stuff, no J wants a "dragon" theme, so I found a picture for the cake (Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty) and will pull the colors from there for plate and napkins, etc. Then there is the issue of goodie bags, which honestly I hate, receiving more then creating them, but I feel like I have to. And I can't just be normal. No I found an idea of making Paper Mache Dragon 'eggs' and so I'm trying to do that. I worry that I made the paste too thin and they won't set up well. I guess I'll know tonight. I did buy bags, just in case.

So tonight...I'm hoping the eggs are dry so that I can apply another layer of paper. and paint them tomorrow. This is in between the time I plan on picking of some Duplo blocks from someone on CL and making cupcakes for daycare. Last night I ran out to get some of the food. Fruit and ingredients for fruit dip, veggies, crackers and stuff to make dip, olives, string cheese, drinks, and ingredients for tomato basil salad.

I've been out every night this week running around. Trying to get things done, but tonight is Grey's so I'll be home unless I leave at ten. Who knows. boss did offer to let me leave early tomorrow, which was a god send, even though I know it's because he's trying to save on payroll, rather then to help me out, but it sure will.