Thursday, December 25, 2008

3yr Check Up

Today, technically yesterday the 24th Justus had his 3yr well check.

His stats:
33 lbs and 38 in BP 86/40 (wish that was mine)

The Dr. says he's perfectly average (52% on both) and always has been, despite many people always telling me "he's so big." I never thought so because his 3T pants often don't fit and are too long and/or too big in the waist.

Flu shot, no tears.

What we should work on:
learning to button

Silliest questions from the Dr:
"Does he use at least 4-5 word sentences?" Yes
"Are most people able to under..." he's interrupted by J asking "mommy, why is your thing (zipper) like this?" Dr. "Okay, never mind" So I guess that was "yes, most people can understand him." And heck that in itself was 7 words. Two birds with one stone.