Saturday, December 06, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday

My sweetpea, you're three today.

Three years ago you came into the world, unwillingly. :) You were so stubborn even then, that they had to go in and get you after my water had broken 10hrs earlier. When you were born you were already so alert. Oh we should have known then.

Today you are a high energy, highly sensitive, tactile child who loves to learn. You have a crazy good memory and a love of big words. You amaze us daily with what comes out of your mouth and how grown up you're getting. You notice the slightest changes in your environment like a new bowl for the dog, new shoes, or something out of place.

Your current interests are anything that has wheels or flys, like fire trucks, trash trucks, tractors, rollers, police cars, tow trucks, helicopter, planes etc. as well as building toys like Tinker Toys and manipulatives. You get a bit rambunctious when you play swords or guns, much to my dismay, and you enjoy art both visual and performing. You can count to at least 11, know what state California is, how to spell your name, all the letter of the alphbet and their sounds, how to write some letters, all the basic colors and shapes, and you can finally pedal a bike, among so many other things. You enjoy music by Josh Groban and anything "pretty". You love dressed up characters like the cow at Chick-fil-a and Santa. you are too smart for your own good and you can be a little jokster.

Your current favorite food seems to be meatballs and tomatoes, well aside from the candy and ice cream that you ask for every morning, to see if we'll finally give in. You're not a big fan of cake though. You also love fruit snacks, but what kid doesn't.

You don't like swings or high slides, unless it's a tube and you can't see how high you are . You also don't like odd textures in food including breading on chicken nuggets or loud noises and the sun in your eyes. You are sensitive to taste and sound and run when the toilet is flushed.

You would love, just once, for Doozer to stay in your bed, but again you move too much for his liking. You told us we needed a cage to keep him on the bed with you.

While I can tend to get easily frustrated with you, because you are strong willed and love to test your limits and argue with me, you are still loved beyond belief. Over all you are a good boy who just wants things your way. Humm you take after your mom, go figure.

Happy Birthday!


Kristen said...

aw, sweet