Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Celebrations

As busy as we were, our Christmas was really nice. It started when I left work on Friday, as that's when I began the marathon baking. (see below) As is his tradition, or so it seems, R went to do his Christmas shopping on the 23rd, fun.

The first celebration was on Christmas Eve. After R getting home late we finally headed to spend the evening, or what was left of it, with my Mom's family. I said 4:30ish, we got there at 6:15. It was a nice evening with some yummy food and some gifts for Justus. His favorite part of the evening was eating the entire plate of cream cheese stuffed olive penguins. The worst part of his night? Getting pick up by my sister. She tries so hard to get him to like her and he won't even smile for her. We have decided that he either thinks she's pretty or a spaz. lol

The next morning we got to open presents at home and were ready to actually get the chance to relax before meeting with my Dad's side. Usually we rush back down to my dad's first thing in the AM, but this year my grandma decided to have it later at her house, which would work perfect...except at the last minute R's mom calls and asks us to come for meat pies, yummy! But it mean getting ready right away and we were already eating cinnamon rolls, oh well so much for the relaxing morning. We head over for a quick visit and then back home so I can finish getting my cookies ready. Then we head down to my Grandma's. More yummy food, great company, and J getting to play the piano. After that we head back up to R's families for dinner, uck, can you say stuffed?

And finally, on New Years Day J and I drove up to see my other sister that couldn't make it down for Christmas. We just spent the evening relaxing at her house and they cooked for us, quite nice of them. :)

A great time was had by all and J got lots of (aka too much) stuff. Lot's of vehicles including a huge garbage truck and roller from Santa, the usual clothes, some art stuff, Duplos, Lincoln logs, and games. R got a set of cordless power tools and I got a sewing machine. Now I just need to figure out how to use it. Hopefully by next year we will have some new stockings and some home-made gifts!!!